Cersei Lannister Wigs

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The Protector of the Realm, Queen of the Andals, the Light of the West- powerful, threatening, and dominant, Cersei Lannister is undeniably the paramount queen from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, or as it’s known to its television fans, Game of Thrones. The fiercely power-driven regent of Westeros, Cersei Lannister is a recognizable and intimidating, yet iconic character for all kinds of dedicated Game of Thrones fans. Today we will be on the search for the best Cersei Lannister wigs. But just who is this vicious and scheming queen, and why is she so compelling?

Cersei Lannister is a cunning daughter and ruler from the Lannister family who soon seek to claim power across Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. As a power hungry young woman, Cersei schemes repeatedly to ensure her family’s dominance and her ultimate power, countering multiple violent situations and establishing a fierce and violent path to the throne. Her many plots involving the Seven Kingdoms bring her in to close contact with many other violent and havoc-wreaking miscreants, but she rules them all and plots repeatedly to ensure the survival of her children and the dominance of her political power. Her fierce eyes and signature light blonde hair are popular characteristics of this feared but loved queen, and her sleek and powerful costumes emphasize both her femininity and her cunning throughout the series.

For those who have fallen in love with the inimitable Cersei, there’s no better way to emulate her than to dress up as Cersei Lannister for Halloween or to cosplay her. We’ve put together some of the best wigs and costume pieces to help you assemble your dream Cersei Lannister look.

The Best Cersei Lannister Wigs

RDY Blonde Long Wavy

Best Cersei Lannister wigs

This iconic hairstyle from the queen’s youth brings out her signature golden hair and wavy length. With elegant braids that tie back her hair and reveal the full length and power of the queen while emphasizing her beauty, this wig captures the simple power and strength of the Lannister queen. It’s reusable and comes with an adjustable wig cap for perfect fit.

Women Long Wavy Wig with Braids

Cersei Lannister wigs

This beautiful golden wig offers the subtle waves and braids of the illustrious queen. Her regal locks tumble down perfectly in this beautiful gold wig look. Made of high-quality matte synthetic fibers, these silky smooth locks are like real human hair and are soft to the touch for an easy, comfortable look. The adjustable wig cap makes for a perfect fit for every head.

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Wig

Cersei Lannister wigs

Cersei Lannister takes on her youth in this elegant and wavy golden wig. Another variation on her signature style, the queen’s youthful hair here emphasizes her femininity and her strength. Intricate braids highlight her as a woman of power and beauty. This synthetic fiber wig is a perfect addition to any costume.

Topcosplay Pixie Cut Gold Wig

Cersei Lannister pixie cut wig

Take your Cersei Cosplay to the next level with this pixie cut edition of the queen’s signature looks. This beautiful gold layered pixie cut highlights the queen’s powerful face without the weight of her long and flowing locks. Synthetic fibers blend well here on an adjustable wig cap for the ideal fit.

Yan Dream Short Straight Pixie Cut

Cersei Lannister wig

Another beautiful variation on the Cersei look, this short and sweet pixie cut brings out the golden yellow of the queen’s hair in an innovative new style. Perfect for a warrior focused costume or for one where you don’t want her longer waves, this elegant little pixie cut has human hair and an adjustable wig cap for the ideal fit.

Costuming Bonuses

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Baratheon Red

Cersei Lannister Baratheon Red costume

Any costume of Cersei is not complete without a signature outfit of hers, and this elegant Baratheon red robe set is no exception. A beautiful dress with gold detailing and glorious gold belting, the Cersei robe here is custom made to your size and measurements for the ideal fit. With quality materials and personalized measurements, it’s truly the perfect ode to the Queen.

Cersei Lannister Cosplay Crown

Cersei Lannister Crown

The final touch to any Cersei look is the Lannister crown she dons so elegantly. Made of wrought metal and featuring signature woven elements that define Cersei’s heritage, the glamorous cosplay crown is a crowning achievement for the Queen and empahsizes the perfect detail and triumph that goes into every part of the Lannister story.

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