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Experimenting with ideas for your next great costume? A mad scientist wig is the perfect feature to take your crazy costume to the next level and impress all your friends. A wig will spice up any costume and go the extra mile to complete your wild look.  Mad scientist wigs are perfect for Halloween, no matter your age or gender.  They are also perfect for fancy dress parties, where you can go as iconic figures, such as Albert Einstein, Dr Jeckyl, Doc Brown, or Beetlejuice.  Or even wear the wig for theater shows, education, or cosplay. With so many applications, the mad scientist wig is one of the most recognizable hairsyles and creates the scientist image immediately with little extra effort needed. 

Skeleteen Albert Einstein Costume Wig – Crazy White Wigs for Costumes – 1 Piece

Mad scientist wigs Albert Einstein

The Skeleteen Albert Einstein Wig offers a great price for a highly versatile wig.  Fits men, women and kids, most notably perfect for Halloween time. The curly head of white hair matches the iconic scientist look and is great for scientist costumes of all sorts, turning heads along the way.  The wig is made from rubber and features white curls going every which way with a bulky head of hair to make the costume look all the madder.

Charades Costumes – Mad Scientist Adult Wig

Mad scientist wig Adult

This Charades wig is a one-size fits all dream for male shoppers.  This product is designed to fit men who want to rock a more natural look.  The white hair comes out in smaller strands, imitating real human hair and molds nicely onto your head, without looking too overwhelmingly top heavy. Wig cap is recommended for best results, which is sold separately.  Product can be hand washed.  While this is an exceptional mad scientist wig, it is only offered in one shape and form. 

EASTERUP Albert Einstein Wig-White Wig for Costumes Crazy Wig Mens Fancy Dress Scientist Professor Adults Accessories

mad scientist wigs Einstein white wig

The EASTERUP wig embodies Albert Einstein’s famous head of hair perfectly and now you can look like your favorite scientist too! While this fluffy white wig is more specifically designed to emulate Einstein, the white fluffy head of hair looks similar to other mad scientist wig options and can be used for multiple costume ideas.  This unisex wig fits most adults and older teens, but is only offered in one size. 

Topcosplay Mad Scientist Wig and Moustache Eyebrows Short White Halloween Costume Cosplay Wigs

Topcosplay mad scientist wig

Topcosplay’s scientist wig is great for representing a crazy windblown head of hair look, just like you came back from an experiment gone wrong. The white hair is made from heat resistant synthetic fiber for a more natural and comfortable fit, as well as a softer texture. Size is adjustable and fits most adults or children, which is great for all ages looking to dress up – no matter the occasion. This natural-esque wig can even be taken one step further and styled with tools (hair dryers, irons, gels, dyes, etc). Topcosplay not only delivers you a wig, but a full package of wig, net cap, moustache, eyebrows, and operation manual. 

Charades Costumes – Dr. Jekyll Adult Wig

Dr Jekyll Adult wig

Charades brings you a unique pullover wig that can turn you from your usual Mr. Hyde into the infamous Dr. Jekyll.  Specifically designed to capture the Jekyll look, the wig is grey and with a parted hairline of short shaggy chunky layers of hair – particularly a frontside with bangs. Astoundingly natural in appearance in feel, made from 100% other fibers and with pull on closure.  The piece can be hand washed, but does not include a wig cap, which is recommended for best results and sold separately. Take your costume to the next level and capture your inner mad scientist alter ego. 

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