What’s in my Make Up Bag?

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Many of you have been asking me what’s in my make up bag?! So here goes….from my Arbonne foundation to my Urban Decay eyeshadow…but let’s start with the make up bag itself!

What’s in my Make Up Bag?

What's in my Make Up Bag

It’s always great to get a travel style make up bag that around the bag rather than one zip across – you fit more in! I hate having a small make up bag and having to rummage or squish everything in! Also a top tip is to declutter and clean out your make up bag every 6 months. I adore my dog make up bag – my mom usually buys me one every couple of years and this is my latest!

Face – Primer, Foundation, Powder and Blusher

Arbonne Primer

A good primer is essential, and the Arbonne primer is THE BEST on the market right now. If you read a lot of the reviews, it comes out top even above MAC. It literally glides on so smoothly and provides a perfect flawless face base. I sometimes mix it in with my foundation in the summer to make the foundation less heavy.

Arbonne and MAC Foundation and Powder

Foundation is also Arbonne – the perfecting liquid foundation. My shade is honey being, but the shades available go through from alabaster to espresso. I also have the Arbonne CC cream in medium which is my summer alternative and what I use on holiday.

Now, before you ask, I need to explain about my relationship with Arbonne. I did used to be an Arbonne rep, but I found that it was difficult to sell the products due to their high postage and packaging costs. I also found that network marketing as a business model didn’t work for me. You can read my article over on my personal site about network marketing and why I no longer do Arbonne. But, I still absolutely LOVE the PRODUCTS! So now, I order them on Amazon or purchase from friends who are reps and give me a discount.

My setting powder is MAC. My neutral finishing powder keeps my make up in place and sets it all day.

Bronzer, Shimmer and Blusher

I love the Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer. Ok, the packaging leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s the perfect shade for my skin and is a great size for your handbag and I use it on the go.

For a shimmer, particularly on a clubbing night, I LOVE the MAC Mineralize Natural Skin finish.

My blusher of choice is Clinique Blushing Blush shade smouldering Plum. It has a subtle shimmer and is a great shade for my slightly darker skin.

Eyes – Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Mascara

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I’m a big fan of URBAN DECAY eye make up. It lasts for ages and I love the colour palettes and glitter eye shadows. The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate basics does both my day and evening make up….

What's in my make up bag

I use ‘blow’ as the brow highlighter along with ‘faith’ and ‘lethal’ for the daytime and ‘lockout’ with ‘blackjack’ for the evening. I also often incorporate colours from the ‘moondust eyeshadow’ Urban Decay range when I’m looking to add some sparkle.

Urban Decay Eye Liner

It’s Urban decay again for the eyeliner, girls! I go for the Urban Decay glide on eye liner in ‘corrupt’ for days out and work, and then switch to ‘zero’ for the evening.

Benefit Mascara

The Benefit mascara I love is ‘they’re real’! It’s not too clumpy like some mascara are. Also, it’s got a brilliant end bit on the wand that is perfectly designed for getting in the corners! Remember to change your mascaras every 3-6 months to avoid eye infections.

What’s in my Make Up bag for my Lips?

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

My go to lipstick for day wear is the Lipstick Queen Frog prince. Almost inbetween a lipstick and a lip gloss, frog prince changes with the PH of your lips to be the perfect natural pink shade.

Read my full Lipstick Queen Review Frog Prince.

What's in my make up bag lipstick

I also keep a few Estee Lauder and Arbonne natural lip glosses for work top ups.

Clinique Extreme Pink!

For the evening, I love my Clinique high impact Lipstick EXTREME PINK which I got fo my wedding and have worn almost every night out since! I’m now on my third 😉

If I want to go all out, I use my MAC lip liner in Magenta!

Make up Bag vs Make up Stand

Let me confess, in a recent declutter I actually got rid of two make up bags and one make up case, and I traded them in for this…

The cosmetic storage organiser keeps everything accessible and makes mornings quicker and easier! My declutterer Kate from A Tidy Mind has always said that things you use often should be accessible and easy to find. This make up storage organiser has great compartments for lipsticks, mascara and eye pencils, with larger compartments for foundations and face stuff. Here’s my make up storer properly organised with all my favorite products – it’s a life changer!

What's in my Make Up Bag

I still keep the my make up bag for holidays and going out of course 😉

Oh and there’s one particularly product that you can see in there which I haven’t mentioned yet – the Arbonne skin conditioning oil. It keeps you skin soft and your nails strong. A tiny, tiny bit goes a long way so you don’t need to use a lot for each application.

What’s in YOUR make up bag? I’d love to hear – please comment on my blog below and share your best products.

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