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Short hair is always fun to style. But if you’re not feeling up to cutting off your hair, which admittedly is a drastic choice to make, then we have an alternative you may enjoy: asymmetric bob wig.

If you want to enjoy short hair without locking the cut, you should definitely opt for an asymmetrical bob wig. It is fashionable and easy to style; it will save you a trip to the salon. We have carefully handpicked some of the best asymmetrical bob wigs that you might like. Ready? Let’s take a look at them.

What is an asymmetrical bob?

An asymmetric bob is generally short in length. It is cut in a bob style that’s not even on both sides; one side is always shorter than the other. This fashionable hairstyle had a major comeback this year catering all face types and complexions. It doesn’t even need much maintenance. So if you are looking to change your look into something classic and fashionable, then you can opt for an asymmetrical bob wig. It’ll help you break out of your usual look. It adds an undeniably cool factor to your hair!

The Best Asymmetric Bob Wigs on Amazon

Asymmetrical bob wigs make an attractive and trendy hairstyle, especially when you choose one that suits you face type. You can choose any of these asymmetrical bob wigs that we have picked for you and take on a bold and beautiful look any day. Note that the wigs can be dyed and trimmed to further fit your needs, so you can personalize any of these wonderful wigs without trouble.

Lihiwas Natural Hairline Bob Wig

Product Link: Lihiwas Natural Hairline Bob Wig

Product Description: Crafted from 100% natural Brazilian human hair, Lihiwas is all about bringing natural look coupled with fashion to keep up with the latest trend. This gorgeous natural hairline bob wig does a tremendous job of making the girl with the prettiest hair at any party. The wig ensures a secure fit for your head credits to its medium cap-size that features adjustable straps to suit any head size. 

black asymmetric bob wigs

Product Design and Quality: With high-density hair fibers and natural black finish, it is one of the best asymmetrical wigs in the market. They also feature a pre-plucked hairline to give you a natural look; even you won’t recognize that you’ve put on a wig!


  • Medium brown lace color
  • 150% hair density

Mink Hair Short Curly Asymmetrical Bob Wig

Product Link: Mink Hair Short Curly Asymmetrical Bob Wig

Product Description: If you are someone who prefers short hair with curls, we have just the product for you. Short curly bobs come with an exceptional elegance that is effortless and brilliant. This short curly asymmetric bob wig by Mink Hair makes for a very chic look with class; it’s very hard to go wrong with it!

short curly asymmetrical bob wig

Product Design and Quality: Easy to put on and even easier to maintain, this asymmetrical bob wig is one of our favorites for its realistic look and natural-looking curls. It is made of 100% Brazilian Remy human hair and comes with a front wig lace for easy adjustments. This look is sure to turn a lot of heads!


  • Can be bleached and dyed
  • Available in a range of sizes

Wiwigs Posh Short Asymmetric Bob Wig

Product Link: Wiwigs Posh Short Asymmetric Bob Wig

Product Description: Adding a stylish finish to your outfit, Wiwigs offers a brilliant copper-red mix short bob wig that will make you look picture perfect at a party or a corporate meeting. You can completely change how you look with this beautiful piece of wig, and it won’t even cost you more than 20 bucks!

Product Design and Quality: The wig is made of premium quality Kanekalon synthetic fiber that is heat resistant and smooth. The material was originated in Japan, and now wig makers around the world rely on this material.


  • Copper red color
  • Comes with a front lace and adjustable hooks

Jaja Hair Bob Wig

Product Link: Jaja Hair Bob Wig

Product Description: It’s time to get trendy with this brilliant Jaja Hair Bob Wig. It comes in a natural black color, but you can cut or style it asymmetrically or as you see fit.

Jaja hair bob wig

Product Design and Quality: The wig is crafted from Brazilian natural human hair and free of any harsh chemicals. It is made heat friendly, so you can style with heated tools like iron and curler, no worries.


  • Features elastic straps and glueless lace front
  • Available from 8 to 14 inches length

Besfor Short Bob Hair

Product Link: Besfor Short Bob Hair

Product Description: Besfor is reliable in the industry, and it was won over thousands of hearts with one of the best asymmetrical bob wigs. This gorgeous short bob wig is available in a range of lengths, all of which are made of high-density fiber with a long parting space on one side giving you a natural-looking hairstyle for any occasion.

short bob hair

Product Design and Quality: The product has less hair in the front and back, more in the middle cap in order to achieve a natural look. The deep parting space allows you to style the hair as you deem appropriate for any occasion.


  • No chemicals have been used
  • Comes with glue-less lace

BLY Short Straight Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Product Link: BLY Short Straight Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Product Description: This BLY Short Straight Asymmetrical Bob Hair wig is one that is extremely popular among users for its natural, realistic look and high-quality fiber. It comes with 150% density and breathable lace, making it super comfortable with a classy look. The best part is, you can dye this natural silk wig and style it as you like, it’s that flexible!

short asymmetrical bob hair

Product Design and Quality: The product is made to be silky and tangle-free. It comes with a lace that is light brown in color and doesn’t require the use of glue. You can simply adjust it on your head with the straps, and voila! 


  • Durable and breathable material
  • Available in black, can be dyed and styled as per wish

Blue Asymmetrical Bob Wig

Product Description: My favourite of all the asymmetrical bob wigs is this blue asymmetrical bob wig on Amazon. It’s a breathable Lace Frontal Wig with Bleached Knots Straight Hair. It’s 14″ in length and a gorgeous Dark Blue Color.

blue asymmetrical bob wig

Product design and quality: It comes with an adjustable medium wig cap and can be worn glueless.


  • Glueless
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Medium Cap size

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