Wig Detangler Spray

Wig detangler spray

When it comes to your wig, keeping it in top condition is essential to wig health for a number of reasons. You’ve spent a lot of money investing in a quality wig, so you’re going to want to make sure that your wig stays in the best possible shape for the longest amount of time. … Read more

Minimalist Hair Care: An Introduction

Minimalist Hair Care

In today’s world, it can seem like you are constantly being inundated with information about the latest and greatest products. This can be a frustrating experience, one where you always seem to be spending your money to keep up with the latest trends while never really feeling satisfied. If this is something you can relate … Read more

How to use Velcro Hair Rollers

How to use Velcro hair rollers

I used to always straighten my hair my straighteners. But I had been styling my hair this way for some time, and a bit more volume and curl is in fashion these days. I thought it was time to give my hair a bit of a bounce, so I tried having my hair styled with … Read more