Wig Combs

Wig Combs

Once you’ve decided on your perfect wig, it’s important to decide how best to care for it. It’s extremely important that you know how to care for your wig correctly so that you can maintain its quality and look. Being able to select the best wig brush is a crucial step in caring for your … Read more

Mesh Wig Cap

Mesh Wig Cap

A wig cap is a basic material used for setting your wig according to the size of your head. The construction of the wig cap is similar to that of a baseball hat as it completely takes the shape of your head. A wig cap is the base of the hair and style which means … Read more

What is the Best Wig Tape?

best wig tape

Wig tapes are silicone made double-sided clear patches, waterproof, skin-friendly, and lasts for almost six weeks, it will surely hold the wig seamlessly in your scalp for an extended period. Since wig tapes don’t harm the scalp, it’s a much better option than glue. Today we are on a quest to find the best wig … Read more

Wig Brushes

wig brushes

If you’ve watched Schitt’s Creek, then you know how much Moira Rose loves her wigs. And over the series, you must have learnt a thing or two on how to take care of your wigs. You must always brush them! So today’s article is all about the best wig brushes that you can buy online. … Read more

Ghost Bond XL Wig Glue

Ghost Bond XL Wig Glue

The professional hair labs ghost bond XL wig glue is safe to use and is very easy to clean up. But, do you know why people love it so much? Well, people love this product so much is due to its reliability and consistency.  Is Ghost Bond XL Wig Glue Safe? Well, the manufacturers mainly … Read more

Wig Accessories

wig accessories

If you have just bought a wig, chances are that you are browsing the internet for stuff that you will need to keep it looking sassy. Wigs come in all sorts of types and qualities. Some wigs are made from human hair or synthetic hair, with varying price points and quality. As a general rule, … Read more

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