Zero Waste Make Up

Zero Waste Make Up

Makeup is a fashion and beauty staple that’s infiltrated every part of society. Men and women love the look and have made careers out of stylish and successful makeup application, but the trendy accessory comes at a cost. Makeup is not always good for the environment for a number of reasons. The packaging uses a … Read more

Makeup Case With Lights on Amazon

makeup case with lights

Nothing really beats natural light. But what if natural light is not available and you need a rush makeup job? You can still do perfect makeup with these makeup case with lights below: A luxurious and heavy-duty studio-to-go makeup trolley is best in class. It has expandable legs, safety locks, multiple trays, clear window and … Read more

What’s in my Make Up Bag?

What's in my make up bag

Many of you have been asking me what’s in my make up bag?! So here goes….from my Arbonne foundation to my Urban Decay eyeshadow…but let’s start with the make up bag itself! What’s in my Make Up Bag? It’s always great to get a travel style make up bag that around the bag rather than … Read more

Lipstick Queen Review – Frog Prince

Frog Prince Lipstick Review

Recently, I was on board a flight to Tunisia and there was a massive 30% discount on duty free, so I just couldn’t resist. I was immediately attracted to the green ‘Frog Prince’ lipstick that changes colour with the natural tones of your lips. This novelty value combined with some pretty cool packages meant it … Read more

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review

The Clinique high impact lipstick is a make up bag must. I have had several of these high impact lipsticks in different shades over the last couple of years, and highly recommend them. Clinique High Impact This lipstick comes in a beautiful silver lipstick tube that is ridged. The case is really attractive and hard … Read more