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If you’ve ever listened to rock’n’roll, chances are you’ve heard the Beatles. This famous rock group are responsible for some of the most enduring musical styles and traditions we listen to today. Starting as just a small group of four boys in Liverpool hoping to make some music, the group quickly grew to be known as the Fab Four- an icon of modern music that set records and revolutionized the musical world as we know it. With classic hits such as Hey Jude, Let It Be, Come Together, and Here Comes the Sun, along twelve other studio albums and numerous singles, the Beatles are one of the most recognizable and successful bands in modern history. Beatles wigs make for a fantastic costume or cosplay!

The Fabulous Four- Beatles Costumes for the True Music Fan

The Beatles are great solutions for people looking for fancy dress or classier cosplay options. The Fab Four went through many style iterations throughout their existence, from fresh and classy young men in suits to older, crazier rock stars expressing their growing creativity and musical genius through eclectic and fancy styles. For people looking for ideal fancy wear, the Beatles are a great solution to your dress up woes, but the most essential part of their whole look is their hair.

The Beatles became famous for their moppy, messy haircuts. Coming on the heels of the clean-cut doo-wop of the fifties, girls around the world fell in love with the messy and rumpled hairstyles of the Fab Four, and boys began growing out their crew cuts in hopes of emulating the style masters. We’ll walk you through their iconic hair, providing you with some great Beatles wigs and some amazing costumes to complete the Beatles Look.

Best Beatles Wigs

1. Shaggy Black Wig 

beatles wigs

This shaggy black wig and mustache set exemplifies the clean cut look of the Fab Four in their original look. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr all rocked variations of this black shaggy mop, with a few playing with the mustache from time to time. The true Beatles fan will recognize this iconic shag as their original look and love the ability to play homage to the young and soon-to-be-superstar Beatles boys.

2. Britpop Wig

Britpop Beatles wig

This slightly more contained and smooth styled wig exemplifies the Britpop trend that soon would take over the world with the advent of the Beatles. The original Beatles look sought to be cleancut and simplistic, allowing the boys’ music to shine for itself. This smooth dark brown wig could have been any of the Beatles’ actual hairstyle for many years, making it the perfect cosplay staple.

3. Long and Free

Beatles wigs

For the retro Beatles fan, this wig demonstrates the transformation of the Beatles from their clean and simple youths to their more eclectic and creative personas that developed well into their stardom. This iconic look was rocked by several band members during the seventies, creating a staple of the modern fashion and music world and lending even more credence to your ideal costume!

The Best Beatles Costumes to Complement Your Wig

1. The British Invasion Look

Beatles costume

This gray suit combo is iconic for Beatles fans everywhere because it was the look worn by the Beatles during their initial tour in the United States! Known as the British Invasion look, this iconic suit demonstrates the youth and vigor of the Fab Four and is one of their most recognizable styles over the years. 

2. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band costume

One of the most famous albums the band ever released, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band represents a mod-style trip into fashion and music that was central to the late sixties era of music, especially in rock and roll and especially for the Beatles. This steampunk style suit exemplifies the creative and inventive spirit of the Beatles in their later eras, and has long been one of their most iconic looks. Rocking this steampunk suit with a perfect shaggy wig will truly turn you into one of the famous Beatles boys!

3. The White John Lennon Suit

white John Lennon suit

The most recognizable album cover of the Beatles besides Seargant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is without a doubt the famed Abbey Road cover. Featuring the four Beatles stars crossing the sidewalk on Abbey Road, each singer rocks an identifiable suit and Paul in bare feet. The most recognizable look from this album cover by far, however, is John Lennon’s iconic pure white suit. This striking look paired with a long Lennon wig and bushy beard will make you instantly recognizable as the iconic music star and have guests everywhere talking about the accuracy of your costume.

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