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A synthetic wig is easy to clean and maintain. This article will go through the steps on how to wash a synthetic wig.

  • Start by finding a shampoo that does not contain silicone or silicone derivatives – these are usually dyed pink so find one that is a different color . A cheap alternative for this would be baby shampoo, but it may leave the wig with residue and dried out texture.
  • Fill up your sink or basin with lukewarm water but do not fill it all the way up . Make sure your water is only lukewarm because if it’s too hot, it might melt the texture of your hairpiece.
  • Take your synthetic wig off and place it on a flat surface – remember that if you were wearing the wig, the back of it is probably thicker than the front due to all of the hair being bunched up. Simply use your fingers to spread out the hair so that it’s not so bulky in one area.
  • Take your shampoo and start applying it onto your wig – use a lot but don’t overdo it as too much shampoo will leave residue and make your wig look greasy or discolored. It should look wet after you have shampooed it but do not rinse it yet!
  • Start squeezing out all of the excess water out with a towel. Do not squeeze the wig itself, only squeeze it with your towel. The reason why you’re doing this is because squeezing the wet wig will force water and shampoo through to the back of the hairpiece where you can’t reach it with a towel. Continue squeezing out water until there is little to no excess water left in the wig.
  • Rinse your wig under lukewarm water – do not use hot or cold water as this could cause some of the fibers to unravel or shrink.
  • Use a basin or sink that is deeper than the length of your wig.
  • Rinse your wig under lukewarm water until the water runs clear, or until it is the same color as your hair colour.
  • Leave it to dry on a towel
  • Once the wig is dry, comb your wig with conditioner or bobby pins until no knots are visible. Be careful not to comb over an area that has already been oiled as this will cause the fibers to unravel.
  • If you want to use a towel to dry your synthetic wig, be sure it’s a new and clean one. If you used an old towel, there’s a chance that it caused damage and will result in damaged fiber ends.

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