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Here is a fantastic selection of weaves and extensions to help you look and feel your best. We’ve got natural hair, synthetic hair, options for different colours, textures, lengths and styles so you can switch up and try something new whenever you like. These wigs are made for Black, Afro-Carribean, African, African American and mixed race people, but they’re available around the world so you can get your best style delivered, wherever you are! Here are some of our favourites from Beauty Plus’ renown Janet Collection.

We think that everyone should have at least one ‘fun’ wig that makes them look like a magical creature and feel amazing. This wig could be it! There’s a gorgeous combination of colours that are distinct at the top and fade into a beautiful pinkish hue. Customers have told us how they’ve used this wig for fairy, mermaid and winter wonderland outfits, and we really see why. 

Do you like short, cute, pixie-ish? Same! This wig is small but mighty: we don’t need a huge amount of hair to feel pretty and feminine, and this wig proves that. The finger waves are cute and add dimensions, whilst also reminding us of old Hollywood glamour. It’s reminiscent of Josephine Baker without ever being dated. Plus, it’s made from 100% human hair and if you care for it well, it can last for years.

Remember when Rihanna wore deep pink hair and suddenly, everyone had to have it? Well, here you go! The wig is lovely, and goes through tonal shifts from pink to black. It’s also got the volume and curls of some people’s natural hair, so if you want that look but aren’t ready to wait for the growth, this will be perfect for you.

There’s something about long, long hair that just makes us feel like princesses. This wig has the length that you’re looking for. It also gives you a lot to work with: if you like to cut and restyle wigs, you’ve got plenty of room to do this multiple times and still have plenty left over. Some customers have put gentle curls in the front, too, and we love the results. This wig is synthetic, but it’s not too shiny and is soft and won’t tangle too much.

The main selling point of this wig is its versatility. It can be straightened and restyled with extremely hot tools and keep its quality. But you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! The wig is pretty as it is, with nice blonde ringlets that will frame your face. It’s high quality and will last a long time, so if you like the look and you’re ready to invest in something, this might be the perfect wig for you.

Yes, we’ve looked at one long, voluminous wig, but let’s have another because they really are lovely. A lot of customers have bought this, loved it and made it their go-to or everyday wig to add a bit of glam and sparkle to their daily routines. 

Getting the right wig is difficult. Sometimes you’ll pick out something that looks great… just not on you. Other times there’ll be issues with the colouring, or the way it fits on your head, and it can be pretty annoying. This wig won’t make everything ok, but it’s nice to see a stylised wig that’s been designed to fit nicely over your head in a specific way that, on the right person, would look great. If you’re a fan of asymmetrical hair, this wig could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Our final wig is a sleek and elegant bob. If you’re looking for something that won’t get in your way, won’t tangle too much and is just an easy, manageable hairstyle that doesn’t need constant upkeep, this might be perfect for you. You won’t have to compromise on style, either, as this is still pretty and nice.

We love a good wig. Constantly bleaching, relaxing, straightening, dying, perming and curling hair can be arduous and expensive, and often damages your natural hair. Wigs are a fun and easy way to switch things up and get a great new style without the hassle, and you’ll look great. If you’re interested in getting a wig but haven’t found the perfect one yet, click here to see our collection of UPart wigs. 

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