Leela Costume for Cosplay Event or Halloween Party

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Leela from Futurama is such an easy but fun costume. Leela is a fictional character from the animated television series  Futurama. She is a beautiful alien space captain, pilot, and head of all aviation services on the board the Planet Express Ship, including Fry, her human love interest who came from the year 2000 into the future by mistake. Leela is a character who proves that a girl can be pretty and intelligent at the same time. She’s also known for having a witty, sarcastic sense of humor and famous for her fighting skills. Her one big eye can weird some people out, but she has a soft side to her personality too and is a great friend once people get to know her.

How To Dress Like Leela From Futurama?

One-Eye Mask:

Making a Leela costume might seem a bit tricky because of her single eye since we have two eyes, but the right mask can help.

  • Use a dome shape protective white mask and cut a triangle where the nose goes so that it lays on your face better. 
  • Outline  half of the mask on a tan felt paper, cut that out and it should fit on the upper half mask. 
  • Take a black pipe cleaner and cut it to its desired length for the eyelashes. Curl it and use hot glue to attach it.
  • Outline and cut another black felt paper for the eyeliner and paste it above where you attached the eyelashes. 
  • And then cut a circle black felt paper for the pupil.

Arm Band:

  • Use foam cup for the arm band. 
  • Just remove the bottom part of the cup. 
  • Repaint the cup to the color of your choice but I prefer to paint it blue


The thing that stands out the most about Leela is her intense bright purple hair. Styled with long thick bangs and held back in a practical but stylish and classy ponytail, Leela’s hair is simple to recreate yourself, you can do it either by dying your own hair purple or using a wig if you’d rather stay temporary.

Leela Costume Puple Hair


Leela’s outfit consists of a white sleeveless tank top and black stretch pants. You can instead opt for black yoga pants or skinny jeans if you prefer. Here is a similar item from Amazon you can buy from:

Leela Costume Tank Top
Leela Costume Black Yoga Pants


Leela carries a large laser gun. Check this out from Amazon for something similar to Leela’s weapon. She also wears gray boots with thick treads and buckles. 

Leela’s pet, a bizarre alien creature called Nibbler that resembles sharp-toothed monkey in a diaper and red superhero cape. You can order a stuffed Nibbler plush online through websites like Amazon to complete your costume if you want to add something extra to your look for your next cosplay event or Halloween party.

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