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If you’re looking for a fancy dress costume or cosplay idea, then this is the article for you. Mal from the Descendants may be your perfect choice, so let’s take a look at Mal’s character and some of the best Mal wigs that are available online. 

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Descendants is a movie about the children of some famous Disney fairytale villains and their adventures. Mal herself is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, and she is the main protagonist of the Descendants. She is a clever, naturally born leader who even helped her mother with her evil plans. Progressing through the movies, Mal eventually starts to look towards good, forming friendships, and compassion. She is compassionate with her friends, although vengeful to her enemies and those who refuse her help. She often builds a wall around herself in order to have a tough exterior to please her mother, although at heart she is a compassionate and loving person. 

Her wall extends to the way that she dresses. Mal has vibrant purple hair that is slightly curly. She wears a leather purple dress that is shorter in the front than at the back and underneath she wears purple leggings with leather patches on them. So, let’s take a look at some of the best suited wigs for Mal from the Descendants.


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Although not very realistic looking, this dark purple wig is perfect for dressing up as Mal from the Descendants. It’s a wavy wig with a middle parting that suits Mal’s style perfectly. 

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This bright purple wig is perfect for recreating Mal’s iconic hairstyle. It even has strips of dark purple throughout and wavy ends. 

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This is a much better quality wig that looks exactly like Mal’s signature hairstyle. It has a middle parting and wavy ends to match Mal’s. 

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This wig looks like a darker purple colour than Mal’s own hair, but it will still do the job nicely. It has a slight side fringe and wavy ends too. 

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This is a great set for your child. It features a beautiful purple wig that is in the style of Mal’s own hair, and it also has a Descendant’s necklace, bag, and tattoos. 


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This wig also looks like a high quality wig for cosplaying or fancy dress. The colour and style both match Mal’s, with a middle parting and a slightly longer than shoulder length style with wavy ends. 


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This costume features Mal’s purple leather short dress with a jumpsuit underneath that features Mal’s symbol on the chest. It also comes with a pair of gloves that look exactly like Mal’s. This set is the perfect bundle for recreating Mal’s look. Just pair it with one of the wigs above. 

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