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The FreeTress Valentino wig has taken the wig world by a storm, gaining popularity for its realistic appearance and its gorgeous ombre colours. 

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Despite the name being Valentino, Valentino is simply the name of this specific design of wig. The wig is long and dark brown in colour with wave ends that have a blonde ombre gradient. The popularity of the wig has come from the low price point and the high quality, which even brings with it a five inch parting to secure the wig to your scalp comfortably, and to also make sure that part of your scalp is visible underneath the wig to give it a more authentic look.

Whether you are popping out to the shops, going on a night out, or sorting out your next cosplay – this wig is bound to give you the A star look without the high salon price point and the hassle that comes with up-keeping your hair. And the best part is that you can switch wigs whenever you feel like a change. Here is the FreeTress Valentino wig that you need to add to your wig shelf, asap.

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This is a beautiful wig with an ombre fade and a deep parting. The wig is thick and has a bouncy effect that will not disappoint. The middle parting has a five inch deep lace section that adds to the overall more realistic look to the wig, allowing you to secure it efficiently to your head, but also making sure that you can see your scalp beneath so that it does not look synthetic. The wig is beautiful and looks very high quality, it will not disappoint and the colour blend will definitely have you snatching attention. 

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