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The 1940s. A decade for war, tumultuous change, the defeat of ideologies, and, um, fashion. The 1940s pushed human misery and cruelty to beyond anyone’s worst nightmares, and then more. But in the face of this there were pockets and moments of hope, unity and joy that eventually gave way to the second part of the 20th century with its new approach to politics, production and lifestyle. There was a lot going on, and a lot changing and evolving. One tiny aspect of this was the style. Everything may have been rationed across Europe during the decade, but people got creative and drew their stockings on, made their old wedding dresses into parachutes and somehow managed the most polished, poised hair. In fact, they did such a good job that it still looks great today. We’ve got a collection of 1940s inspired wigs with the classic ‘40s updos that kept your hair out of your face, if you were hosting a Victory Day party or working in a munitions factory.

The Best 1940s Wigs on Amazon

1940s wigs audrey hepburn

Sometimes, you need to look yourself right in the eyes and say ‘I have cut this fringe too short. I am not a suicide girl, and this teeny-tiny fringe is doing me no favours’. We’ve all been there: it’s a part of growing up. If you’re looking to have a short fringe just for a minute, and want to pair it with neat, shiny waves, look no further. There’s something very artificial about this wig, but it works in your favour and would go excellently with a bold lip and razor-sharp eyeliner. 

1940s wig

Do you like curls? But only sometimes? Great, this wig is perfect for you. This wig might look a little odd at first, but with some styling and a hair cloth or bandana, it’ll do nicely. The colour will look a little different than it does on the screen, so check through the customer’s photos to get a better look. Finally, remember that you can curl or straighten the hair as you like to restyle it if you think that would suit you better.

Soft finger waves on a short wig remind everyone how close to silent movies and the silver screen women in the 1940s were. There’s an immense old Hollywood glamour here, and it’s both beautiful and nostalgic. The colour is lovely, too. Rich, dark colours make light skin tones shine and looks like this can really make you wonder why we ever moved on stylistically, when it seems we had something perfect all this time ago. 

There’s some overlap between 1940s and 1950s style, and the spot with pinup girls goes nicely in the middle. The longer hair is classically beautiful, but the thick, rolled fringe is very much of its time. This wig manages to combine both into the pinup style, and incorporate gentle curls to make the length soft and pleasant. It’s not too far from the look of the first wig, and both of them have a little bit of rockabilly about them. Ultimately, this wig is a good base and it’s all about how you style it.

1940s wigs

Again, this wig is a little ahead of its time, but we love any chance to rock a Marylin. This wig is short, blonde, voluminous and nicely waved for those who want to look like they’ve slept in rollers, even if the idea of actually using rollers is far too uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a blonde bombshell look, this wig is a great way to start without bleach, perm and a lot of time.

1940s wig

Blonde isn’t the right colour for everyone. It can make skin tones look washed out, and easily become tacky. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have wonderful ‘40s hair, though! This wig is short with great finger waves and a neat side parting that won’t get in your way or get messed up when you wear it. Try this with some dungarees for a munitions worker outfit, dab a little strategic grease and you’re ready to go.

We hope these wigs help you put together a 1940s themed outfit for your party, event or cosplay. Flicking through old photographs or magazines can be really helpful, and you’ll be able to work out what to wear with your wig to get the full 1940s look. If you’re interested in wigs from other decades, we’ve got lots of ideas for 1970s wigs and 1980s wigs.

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