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Me and my sister both suffer from quite greasy hair. The problem is that if you wash your hair too frequently, this can just stimulate the sebaceous glands and hair follicles to produce more oil and make greasy hair even worse. I got to the stage where I was washing my hair on a daily basis, but as my hair so long, this was taking far too much time every morning! I then discovered Batiste – the best dry shampoo for greasy hair.

best dry shampoo for greasy hair - Batiste

I first discovered Batiste Dry shampoo when my mom bought me some for a music festival, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wash my hair for 3 days straight. When I used it, it made my hair look almost as if it had just been properly washed – amazing! I had a great time, without the need to run off and attempt to wash my hair in a bucket!!!

Batiste have now introduced some new fragranced dry shampoo. The cherry is my favorite, but it is also available in many other fragrances including tropical and blush. Batiste now also do an XXL dry shampoo for extra volume and a range of color enhancing dry shampoos.

Tropical Batiste

Why I love this Product

  • Revives greasy hair without the need to wash it properly.
  • Excellent for on the go – great for festivals and camping.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • DIfferent scents and also shades to compliment your hair colour are now available.

This ‘Divine Dark’ is perfect for dark haired beauties! It will compliment your darker hair colour as well as refresh without shampoo.

Tips on Using Batiste Dry Shampoo for Greasy Hair

  • Buy the mini dry shampoo and carry it in your handbag on trips and long journeys.
  • Focus spraying it at the roots, not tips of the hair.
  • Brush hair gently after spraying the dry shampoo so that there is no white residue left in your hair.

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