Grey Bob Wig

With grey and white hair being in fashion at the moment, what better time to purchase a grey bob wig. This article will look at some of the best grey bob wigs available online, and it will look at some famous characters that you can cosplay with a grey bob wig. 

A grey bob wig can be worn on many occasions, including as part of a cosplay, on halloween, a fancy dress party, or even as everyday wear. There are many different types of grey bob wigs, of course corresponding to the occasion. For example, if you’re looking for an everyday wig, then a higher quality and material will need to be bought in comparison to a wig that is bought for fancy dress. 

There are many options for cosplay involving a grey bob wig, including anime characters such as Kakashi Hatake and Zero Kiryu, or Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada. The possibilities are endless for grey bob wig fancy dress, so let’s take a look at some of the best grey bob wigs that are available on the market. 

This grey wig is a beautiful dark grey, almost silver colour. It is of course in the shape of a bob and has a full fringe. It looks fairly realistic for the price and will look great at your next convention. 

This is another dark grey wig that has a silver tinge to it. It’s gorgeous, and like the wig above, it also has a full fringe. The wig is straight and in the shape of a bob. It looks fairly realistic and also thick and luscious.

Much more white silver  in colour, this grey wig has a more natural look to it. The colour is definitely in at the moment and will look great as part of your everyday wear. It has a middle parting and no fringe. As a frontal piece it’s perfect for those who are looking for a grey bob wig that they can wear everyday, that looks realistic, and beautiful. 

Again, this wig looks much more natural, and it has a full fringe also. The wig fades from being dark at the top to a light grey/silver colour at the ends. It looks thick and soft, and you can also style it slightly to have a side fringe instead of a full one. This one can probably work well with both cosplay, and everyday wear. 

Less like a bob style than the rest, this wig also has an ombre-esque fade from dark at the top to a dark silvery grey colour at the bottom. The hair is slightly longer on this wig, around shoulder length, and it falls in natural waves. The wig parts in the middle, although this can be styled differently, and the hair looks fairly realistic, making it great for both nights out, and cosplay. 

This wig is incredibly sleek, with dark grey silver ends, and dark roots. The wig is in a bob shape, with a middle parting that may be styled differently. It looks like it would be perfect for cosplaying, but also for special occasions such as nights out, or even on days where you’re just ‘feeling it’. 

This is another wig that isn’t quite bob shaped, but it is beautiful and deserves a place on this list. The wig has dark roots and silvery grey ends that fall in natural waves to around shoulder length. It also has a full fringe that can be styled as a side fringe. Again, this wig can be either used for cosplay, or for special occasions such as nights out. 

When you think of a grey bob wig, this is probably exactly what you imagined. It is a light grey bobbed wig with a silver undertone and a full fringe. It’s a beautiful and versatile wig that will definitely go best with some cosplay or fancy dress, and it also looks incredibly natural. 

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