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There are a lot of times when cosplayers might use wigs. Dyed hair is great, but switching the colours for every costume is a lot of effort and may well cause damage and mean that you have to cut your hair off. Wigs are usually a much better option, and you can use them, cut them, restyle them and reuse them multiple times for different characters. One of the most popular colours for wigs is grey or white, because it’s difficult to get natural hair that colour temporarily, and a lot of characters have that colour hair. Today we’re looking for the best grey wig online.

Some examples of characters with grey or white hair include Geralt of Rivera from The Witcher, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, the Ice Queen from The Chronicals of Narnia, Elsa from Frozen, Isla from Plastic Memories, Storm from X Men, Eleven from Stranger Things, Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad (you’ll need to colour the ends, but a pale base is a good place to start) Lilliane from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, Doc from Back to the Future, Clockwork droids from Doctor Who and Angel from Angel Beats, or whoever you want! There are loads of options, and the most important thing is for you to enjoy what you’re doing and feel great.

What is the best Grey Wig to Buy?

We’ve pulled together some wigs that we like, to help you with your outfit. It really depends what look you are going for. First up….the grandma!

Grandma Wigs

grey wig grandma

If you’re looking for a whole cosplay set, look no further! This kit includes everything you’ll need to dress up as a grandmother, with a wig (and cap), glasses, pearl beads and a glasses chain. This could be great as a three-person costume with a wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, or as a future version of yourself with a time travelling friend.

Addams family grandma wig

Remember when the Addams family discovered that Granny wasn’t actually related to anyone? They just loved her and kept her anyway. That level of audacity should always go rewarded and celebrated, so why not try cosplaying as her? This is an excellent wig for the Adam’s family grandma. The Addams family is great for a group halloween costume, so why not take on this less well known (but fully deserving of love and recognition) icon?

Fashionable Grey Wigs

Voluminous Grey Wig

grey wig

This wig is a big deal! It’s big, it’s long, and it’s got great volume and curls to boost the volume and look incredible. It would be great as a witch costume/cosplay, and could certainly work well with a black pointy hat or as part of a Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) look. However, if you like the colour but not the style you can always straighten, cut and restyle it into something different- but we think it’s great just the way it is.

Ash Grey Wig

Ash grey wig

Beauty is, famously, extremely subjective, but one thing that’s often considered gorgeous is long, light hair. This wig is thick and full, and it isn’t too shiny, which is great because that can make synthetic hair stand out. You could easily use this wig for a Daenerys Targaryan cosplay (there’s actually a great example in the product’s reviews) or you could wear this on a normal day if you wanted to switch up an outfit. Either way, you’ll look and feel amazing with this.

Cosplay Grey Wigs

Map of Beauty Grey Cosplay Pigtails Wig

cosplay grey wig

This is a proper cosplay wig, and is specifically designed with conventions in mind. It would work nicely for some anime characters, or the kind of ice queens and snowy princesses often found in fantasy. Wearers of this wig have responded well to it and say that it’s soft, good value and made them feel really pretty. What more could you want?

Silver Halloween Cosplay Wig

grey cosplay wig

There are some clear similarities between this wig and the one above. Primarily, they’re both a similar shade, length and they’re both quite curly. However, this wig is not as thick as the previous, which can make it nicer and easier to wear, and make it look more realistic, which can be great for everyday use as well as for cosplays and conventions.

Short Kinky Grey Cosplay Wig

short grey cosplay wig

We’d be remiss if we got through this collection without mentioning the legendary Moira Rose. Our next wig could easily be part of her ‘girls’, and we can imagine it hanging up in Rosebud Motel or annunciating strangely with the Jazzagals. It’s short, and very, very thick. The texture is similar to just-bleached hair and it sits with the same volume. If you’re looking to, you can actually puff it up even more and work it into a Back to the Future cosplay (but with bangs) or you can leave it as it is and enjoy the look.

Short Grey Cosplay Wig

short grey cosplay wig

Our final wig is very different to the others. It’s thin, short and feathery, which would be ideal for cosplaying characters with that kind of hair. You can restyle wigs if you like, but if you can find something closer to how the character was meant to look it will save you time and effort. The wonderful thing about wigs is that you can find almost anything: there are endless lengths, thicknesses and colours and you can adjust them as you like to get the perfect fit for your head and body whilst staying in style for the character. This wig is good to go for many of them.

Wigs are a great way to put the finishing touches on a cosplay outfit. They’re fun, and when you get used to them they’re fairly easy to use and care for. As you get more confident you may want to start wearing them more regularly to spruce up everyday outfits, practice new hairstyles and even see what colours would look good on you. If you’ve not used wigs before, we hope that this has been informative and helped you find the perfect hair piece for your next project!

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