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Who doesn’t want to sway like a celebrity? One easy way out is putting on spiffy wigs. Talking about wigs, undeniably, brings the name of the beauty mogul Kylie Jenner to mind! Kylie Jenner is said to be one of the most influential reasons why wigs have become so popular today. If you are not much familiar with Kylie Jenner’s background and history, then the next segment is dedicated to you. 

Who is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is a top charted fashion icon and has already successfully made it to the 2017 Forbes Celebrity List. Back then, she also made a new history by becoming the youngest person to secure a place on the list.

Kylie was born in California, August 10, 1997. She grew up being starred in the reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which apparently paved her way to fame. As of December 2019, she was one of the highest followed celebrities on Instagram, with over 150 million fans.

At the age of 17, she launched her makeup line – Kylie Lip Kits. The enormous success in real-time led her to rename her brand as Kylie Cosmetics, which now manufactures all varieties of makeup items. Her business did such a tremendous job that it eventually made her a billionaire at only the age of 21. This success entitled her as the youngest self-made billionaire across the board.

Wigs Collection of Kylie Jenner 

In addition to owning a cosmetic company, Kylie is a high-paying model and a trendy socialite. Her ever-changing outfits are hugely popular in the fashion industry.

By this time, the world has seen Kylie in every look, from blonde to yellow to teal to pinkish hair. Now you might be wondering how many wigs Kylie owns herself! Her hairstylist, Toyko, once claimed that she has already made more than a hundred wigs for Kylie alone.

However, if you head to shop Kylie’s special wigs now, unfortunately, you won’t get all Kylie wigs available on the market. For selling, a very few selected options are made and put up for sale. Let’s see what those are in the section below –

Popular Kylie Jenner Wigs That You Can Purchase Online

Here, we have put together the trendy Kylie Jenner wigs that are sure to make you look like Kylie. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our list to get your favorite Kylie wig.

1. AISI HAIR Kylie Jenner Mint Green Black Roots Full Wig

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: First up, we’ve enlisted the highly raved mint green wig, that Kylie was spotted wearing at the opening ceremony of Sugar Factory’s New York store. She combined the look with an ivory shaded two-piece set, which evidently drawing everyone’s attention unto her.

Kylie Jenner wigs

Design and Quality: The wig is 24 inches long and is light mint-green hued all the way. This wig carries black roots, which makes the wig look absolutely like real hair upon wearing. It’s made of synthetic fiber and doesn’t get tangled much. Also, this wig comes with a full coverage cap with open weft. 


  • Perfect for long time wear
  • Absolutely heat-resistant
  • Comes with adjustable straps and clips

2. KARISSA Kylie Jenner Dark Pink Lace Soft Wig

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: A dark pink wig may sound a bit odd to you, but Kylie nailed the look outstandingly. She was spotted several places wearing this very wig, which clears up that she loves this hot pink magic.

Kylie Jenner Dark pink wig

Design and Quality: This one is again 24 inches long and expertly handcrafted from high-quality synthetic fiber. The entire wig is painted in hot pink color, and its softness will be sure to impress you. Also, this wig’s hair volume is noticeably thick.


  • Extremely soft and tangle-free
  • Sweat and heat-resistant
  • The inner cap is easily adjustable to your head size

3. K’ryssma Blonde Wig with Dark Roots Long Straight Synthetic Wigs

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: This Blonde wig with dark roots is one of Kylie’s go-to wigs. She attends multiple functions and gatherings wearing this one and once even claimed that she was born to be blonde. So, clearly, this wig is a great choice for recreating one of Kylie’s signature looks.

Blond wig with dark roots

Design and Quality: This straight 22 inches long wig is made of synthetic fiber. It comes in a soothing blonde tone with having black roots. Overall the wig is super soft and has great density, which makes it look like natural hair. 


  • Heat-resistant up to 300 °F
  • Comes with 2 pieces of inner caps
  • Washable in both warm or cold water

4. Bright Yellow Short Bob Dark Roots Shoulder Length Summer Wig 

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Kylie almost tried out every shade of wigs by this time, yes, yellow too! She reached the legendary California music festival, putting this highlighter wig, and slayed the look as she always does.  

highlighter wig

Design and Quality: It’s a bob cut wig and occupies a length that ends just up to your neck. This wig is also known as the highlighter wig and boasts a light yellow shade with having black roots. It is again made of synthetic fiber and has a purely straight edge.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Heat-resistant up to 320 °F
  • Comes with an adjustable cap and 3 combs

5. Maycaur Long Straight Purple Synthetic Front Wigs

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: You might remember this long straight purple wig that Kylie wore in 2019’s Met Gala. Utterly stunning, this wig captivated every guest and Kylie fan that night.

long straight purple wig Kylie Jenner

Design and Quality: Deftly made, this wig is 22 inches long and comes draping a light purple shade. This wig is handcrafted with super soft and sheeny synthetic fabric. In addition to the wig, you will receive an adjustable cap, 3 clips, and a hair care book with the purchase.


  • High-quality and comfortable to wear
  • Heat-friendly hence you can style it with any heat tool
  • Additionally gives you an adjustable cap, 3 clips, and a hair care book

A shout out to all the Kylie Jenner fans! Enjoy sporting the look 😉

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