Best Jennifer Lopez Wigs you can get in 2020

Remember when Pitbull summons Jennifer Lopez by saying J.Lo in the beginning of the song “On the floor”? Remember how beautiful and cool she looked when her hair waived with her dance in that Music video? Jennifer Lynn Lopez has been a style and beauty icon for over 20 years and she stetted many fashion and beauty trends in Hollywood. She literally isn’t afraid of a last minute cut and still her hair looks so pretty and fresh always. Whether it’s an animal print hair color or a floor touching long ponytail, her getup, along with her hairstyles always rock the red carpet. Today we are going to list some of the trendiest hair wigs that will make you look like J.Lo. Go through this article to find more about Jennifer Lopez’s hair secret.  

Vedar Celebrity Wigs Luxury Brown (ASIN: B07BVRZ981)

Product Description: If you want to get yourself a sun kissed or beach wave style of J.Lo, this is the wig you need. 

Design and Quality: The middle part of the hair is made with synthetic and the front part is half hand tied. There is a 2.5-inch partial front space which has adjustable straps and 3 comb design. The cap is medium 22.5 inch design. 


  • Comes with two color, brown and silver
  • Silky straight design
  • Not easy to knot

BESTUNG Women’s Long Body Wavy Wig (ASIN: B07C3LV4GH)

Product Description: If you are trying to cheat J.Lo’s blowout look, this product is probably the closest thing you can get in the market. Even though Jennifer Lopez has the best styling team around, but this wig shall also give you the similar experience of professional hair makeup.

Design and Quality: It’s fully synthetic and heat resistant, can stay stable in upto 160 degree Celsius. You can enjoy the most out this wig with its adjustable straps and head sizes. 


  • Comes with 24 inch and 20 inch sizes
  • Half hand tied design
  • Available in copper red color

K’ryssma Dark Brown Lace Front Wig (ASIN: B07L91M91Z)

Product Description: Looking for a straight and relaxed wig, that can also make you look like Jennifer Lopez? Well, here it is, perfectly made with the touch of hands.   

Design and Quality: It’s long and better colored, with 24 inch weave lace in the front part. It can also be used during summer. Also has two adjustable caps


  • Glue less, can be fitted easily.
  • Comes in three different color
  • Can be wearable daily.

Lovestory Long Straight Synthetic Wig (ASIN: B07MZHQFXY)

Product Description: If you are into straight hair that can be used in most parties, then this is for you. It’s a soft and silky wig, perfect for everyday use.

Design and Quality: The color of this wig is very natural; its density is 180 and has a cap size of 21.5-23 inch. It’s totally adjustable. The wig is also glue less and can be combed.


  • Waterproof, can be shampooed
  • Heat proof
  • Comes in five different colors

Long Straight Dark Brown Wig (ASIN: B07Z6LD8NF)

Product Description: Another classic looking Straight Hair designed wig. The good part of this wig is, you can easily make it glamorous like J.Lo’s style.

Design and Quality: The wig is exactly colored as it shows there’s no over saturation in the viewing angles. It’s also pretty much versatile which can give you long time wearing comfort. 


  • Average cap, one size fits all
  • Heat resistant, soft touch
  • Two colors available

QD-Udreamy Synthetic Lace Front Wigs (ASIN: B072N26G97)

Product Description: Do you know that Lopez actually has grey hair? And she got her grey hair at the age of 23? Well, if you want to portray like her to be exact, then this is the style you need.

Design and Quality: It’s a high temperature proof synthetic hair that can hold up to 160 degree Celsius. It’s also washable, and can be hot ironed to keep it straight all the time. 


  • Natural Looking, Swiss lace
  • Comes with straight hair design
  • Durable and comfortable

WIGODDESS Dark Brown Long Lace Front Wig (B082HJ7PK8)

Product Description: If you are a fan of J.Lo, then you should love the mile-long lock style, because it is her favorite hair design, and this wig can exactly give you the natural look of it.

Design and Quality: The Circumference of the cap is medium shaped, 22.5 Inches Stretched. It also has a good quality net cap. 


  • Totally tangle free hair
  • As distinctive look as makeup
  • Can be trimmed to any shape

BERON 14” Short Curly Women Girl’s Charming (ASIN: B01J7ROM7I)

Product Description: This is where real cuteness begins. Remember the movie “Wedding Planner”? Remember how cute J.Lo was (and she still is) in that movie? Well this wig may help you to take to her closest look.

Design and Quality: It has two, fully adjustable straps that can help you to adjust the for about 1-1.5 inch. The overall weight is 200gm approx.


  • Comes in over 20 different colors
  • Simulation cap, which stays more close to your skin
  • Natural roll design

PHOCAS 12”Short Lace Front Wigs (ASIN: B083LSBCLG)

Product Description: If you remember her Instagram post from last year, October 30th, 2019, then you would really love this wig. This is an exact replica of her haircut from that post.

Design and Quality: It has a total 6 adjustable straps that can fix into most of the girls head. Alongside that, there are 3 combs in total and a breathable nose to make less sweat.  


  • Kanekalon high material fiber
  • Synthetic lace front hair
  • Middle part hairline

Sapphire Short High Density Roots Wig (ASIN: B07QS1PK25) 

Product Description: If there was another name for this wig, it would be “The exact J.Lo hair color and style wig”. This wig has exactly the same grey color and style as Jennifer Lopez.

Design and Quality: Has adjustable head circumference, 100% natural look and feel, Can be cut or trim the length of the hairstyle to requirement.


  • Comes in 11 different colors
  • Can be washed easily
  • Perfect for family gift, like for mother’s day or similar.

We can see that Jennifer Lopez’s hair is the pinnacle of style. She changes her hair often, and these wigs can give you slight edges to keep up with her styles. 

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