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Recently, I was on board a flight to Tunisia and there was a massive 30% discount on duty free, so I just couldn’t resist. I was immediately attracted to the green ‘Frog Prince’ lipstick that changes colour with the natural tones of your lips. This novelty value combined with some pretty cool packages meant it was a yes from me – I had to try it! I hope that you enjoy my lipstick queen review!

Frog Prince Lipstick Queen Review

The fact that it was beautifully packaged and impressively looked green but went on lip colour was damn good, but that’s not all to rave about with this lipstick queen collection. Wearing it in Tunisia felt so light and natural, not at all cloggy. It actually felt like somewhere in-between a lipstick and a tinted lip salve. It also kept my lips moist and supple during a hectic trip with lots of walking and sun, which usually dries out my lips.

Frog Prince Lipstick Queen Review

Lipstick Queen Review – Day lipstick or evening?

I’m gonna go for promoting this lippy as a daytime all rounder. I love the natural colour with slightly pinker tones and also the way that it feels on my lips. I would wear it every day for holidays, work and shopping. But for the evening, I still think something with a splash more of a stronger colour, such as my Clinique is more suited to going out on the town!

Pricing – Is it worth it?

Price wise, it is a higher end lippy, and coming in at around the same prices as many Clinique. It’s slightly cheaper than MAC. So in short, within my price range and in line with current brands. Plus it’s green but goes on pink! It’s actually lasted me a good few months so far wearing it almost daily and not really dented it, so I think that it will be a good investment lipstick and a staple part of your everyday make up bag.

Other Great Lipstick Queen Lippy

Fancy it in Blue? Go for hello Sailor (Blue goes on in lip tones) – I am yet to try this one!

Lipstick Queen Trio

I couldn’t resist the Morning Sunshine (Yellow goes on in lip tones) which is comforting and hydrating. I bought this one on my flight home and it’s perfect for summer.

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