My Skincare Routine for my Sensitive Skin

What’s my ideal skincare routine?

It’s easy to get confused and wonder whether the skincare routine and products you’ve selected are really working. Some work and some do not. So, it is very important to choose what’s best for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.

I used to use different skincare products for years and have always struggled to find sensitive skin products especially body wash. Until one day my friend introduced me to Dove Body wash which she used to for several years. Unlike most, this product has a very clean scent and leaves the skin feeling smooth all day.  I switched to this body wash after I tested and instantly made a huge difference.

I’ve been using Dove for many years already.  I use it head to toe from Hair Shampoo, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Underarm Roll-On and Bar Soap. It has different variants but I love: 

It’s creamy and moisturizing which leaves my hair and skin smooth. I would recommend it to everyone because the price is affordable and also amazing for sensitive skin plus you smell good all day!

For facial skincare, I also love Pond’s Facial Care Products. I used it since I was a teenager. I tried using different facial products but I always switched back to Ponds. Maybe my skin is already used to it since I used it for a longer time and it’s simple skincare which is best for my sensitive skin. 

Here are also some Pond’s facial care products that I love using:

  • Pond’s Clear Solutions Antibacterial Facial Scrub 
  • Pond’s Acne Clear Toner 
  • Pond’s Detox White Beauty Day Cream  
  • Pond’s Flawless Radiance Night Cream

I highly recommend Pond’s for your facial care since it is already tested for generations and Pond’s provide simple, effective skincare products that work without the expensive price tag.


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