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If you’re a video-game lover, chances are high that you’ve heard of Princess Zelda before. The iconic character is the namesake of Nintendo’s beloved Legend of Zelda series. A member of the royal family, friend of the main character Link, and magical goddess, Zelda is a powerful maiden and warrior who fights against her captors and alongside her friend Link to save her kingdom and her loved ones. Gifted with the powers of magic, teleportation, telepathy, and spell-casting, Zelda is a powerful figure in her world and an iconic video game character many love and look up to. Her many iterations throughout versions of the game means there’s plenty of cosplay opportunities to dress up as there are a wide variety of Zelda wig options available. Read on for our favorite Zelda wigs from different incarnations of the beloved character!

The Best Zelda Wigs for Cosplay

Original Brunette from Legend of Zelda

Zelda wig

The very first game Zelda appears in depicts her as a sweet damsel in distress. Her chestnut locks are regally styled and sit primly atop her royal dress, making this a chic and elegant wig for any cosplayer to use or reuse.

Long and Blonde from A Link to the Past

This fun variation on Zelda’s look depicts her as a powerful warrior with long blonde locks that tumble down her back and flow radiantly as she runs. To best show off the princess’s character here, we like this shiny and flowing blonde wig with styling variety that can cater to your preference. 

long blond Zelda wig

Curly and Purple from A Link Between Worlds

This stunning purple crown of hair from the game A Link Between Worlds demonstrates the more powerful and brooding side of Zelda. Appearing here as Princess Hilda, Zelda’s hair matches the darker tone of the game and presents a stunning contrast to her lighter shades. Her beautiful purple tones are a standout!

purple ZZelda wig

Regal and Blonde from Ocarina of Time and Sheik

This iteration of Zelda is one of the most well-known, as Ocarina of Time is a famous Legend of Zelda video game. Here the princess appears as a regal figure not unlike Princess Aurora, with the same flowing auburn locks and intricate braids that other stunning cosplayers have debuted. This sweet style is sure to appeal to all.

blond braided Zelda wig

Blonde and Bun-Styled from Tetra (Wind Waker & Phantom Hourglass)

This cute spiky look is one of the rare updos the princess sports throughout her character. Rock the beautiful blonde ponytail/bun ensemble and demonstrate the versatility of your cosplay abilities by showing off an updo instead of the classic longer wigs associated with Zelda.

blonde bun Zelda wig

As the Zelda character evolves, we can be certain that her hairstyles will, too. These five options are a great baseline for the character’s iconic styles and looks, but as Nintendo continues to innovate you can count on even more fun and fresh looks for the Princess appearing in the cosplay world!

Until then, check out some other cosplay ideas here for fun characters to take on.

Which Zelda wig is for you?

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