Witch Wigs for Halloween

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Witches are iconic figures in popular culture, especially when it comes to Halloween and spooky season. From bloodthirsty and demonic to sexy and sweet, witch costumes can run the gamut from downright terrifying to fun and cute. Witches make a great costume for all ages and genders, and there’s no doubt that no matter which witch you pick, you’ll have a great costume that will have all your friends and family talking about how spooky you are! Let’s look at some of the most iconic witch costumes out there to see which witch (and which witch wig) might fit your style best! Enjoy these best witch wigs for Halloween.

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Iconic Witch Dress Up Ideas and the Wigs You’ll Need for Them

Wicked Witch of the West

This historic figure from the well-loved Wizard of Oz story made witches popular for all ages. Famous for her green skin and dark black hair, any age can dress up as this frightening and powerful witch mastermind! Try this wig for the famed witch’s tangled black curls.

Or, if you want to emulate her more tame days by dressing up as Elphaba from the musical Wicked, you can try the sleeker black wig found here.

Bellatrix Lestrange

The famous evil witch from Harry Potter is probably one of the scariest witches out there! Bellatrix is known for her crazy laughter and her cunning smile, but she’s also famous for her curly mop of pitch-black hair that adds the perfect touch to any witch’s costume. Check out this textured showstopper to get those perfectly coiffed Lestrange curls.

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Winifred Sanderson

This well-loved witch from Hocus Pocus is one of the most famous Halloween characters of all time. The zany and colorful ringleader of the Sanderson sisters, Winifred rocks out Halloween night with her red buns and sinister smile that will leave any true Halloween fan smiling (even as they flee the might of the Sandersons!) Here’s our favorite Winifred Sanderson wig, complete with her signature red buns. You can also find a kid’s version here.

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Jadis the White Witch

Narnia fans will be instantly chilled by any cosplayer daring to emulate the power and fright of the white witch. Her huge blonde locks add the perfect menacing touch to this icy white appearance, making her an iconic figure in witch history and a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to have to wear all black. Look here for the perfect Jadis wig that adds the finishing touch to any Narnia inspired ensemble.

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Melisandre the Red Witch

Game of Thrones watchers will instantly recognize the imposing gaze of Melisandre, the Red Witch. Her pared down ensemble pops as she runs through the world, especially with her red, velvety longer locks that emphasize her as the true Red Witch. Our favorite red witch wigs can be found here for the perfect addition to your Melisandre look.

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Hermione Granger

Perhaps the most iconic witch in modern history, a whole generation of young girls grew up loving the illustrious Hermione Granger. Her bushy yet beautiful brown hair was a key part of her character in the books and movies, and it takes on a new life in the stage play as a beautiful textured puff of natural hair. For the book-inspired look, try this wig. Movie fans should look here for her rather softer brown curls, while those looking to emulate Hermione as the Minister of Magic should stick to our top picks here. Littler Hermione Granger fans can find a child-sized version here.

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For those looking to become a powerful witch without emulating anyone in particular, here are our three other favorite witch wigs for a spooky and haunting appearance that will be sure to scare anyone you encounter when you’re prowling (or flying) about on Halloween.

Tousled Black Green Locks

Take on the appearance of the dead in this slightly creepy, zombie-inspired wig. Green is a great color for witches not only because of its homage to Elphaba but because of its eerie similarity to mold and dust. Tower over your foes in this curly green black ensemble that adds color and dimension to any witch’s outfit.

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Black and White

The modern witch will find this chic black and white wig a perfect addition to their crooked witches’ hat. With color-blocked sections of white and black, this ombre style wig is wavy, luscious, and stylish, making it a great choice for the fashion-inclined witch looking to make a statement.

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Decaying Grey

Perhaps the most horrifying of any witches, undead, zombie, or possessed witches have a certain decaying quality that makes you feel as if they’ve crawled out of the grave just to find you. This haunting wig will emphasize that fear, capturing the perfect white grey of age and decay while actually being a very fresh and healthy wig option for all.

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Keeping your wigs in top shape is one of the best ways to ensure you can use them for multiple costumes! Check out our articles here on wig combing and wig shampooing for top care tips that will keep your wigs healthy and long-lasting.

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