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A blonde lace front wig is really convenient and beneficial in a number of ways. This wig contains a chunk of lace closure that you can find on the front side of it. The chunk of closure is made with hand-tied lace. This will not only look more realistic but will also be more comfortable to wear.

Benefits of a Lace Front Wig

As mentioned above, there are quite a few benefits of wearing a blonde lace front wig. Let’s take a closer look:

Looks realistic

In the case of a blonde lace front wig, its hair strands are integrated into the wig cap. There is no way to see it with the naked eye when you put it on your head. In fact, a lot of people may mistake you to be actually blonde, and the lace can hardly be detected.


There is a huge difference between a blonde lace front wig and a standard wig in terms of breathability. A standard wig can make you feel hot if you wear it for a long time. It becomes problematic because their wig cap is quite solid and bars the scalp from breathing. As for blonde lace front wigs, these problems never surface since their lace material is quite sheer.

Are clothes bad for skin?

Can Wear it for Long Duration

When you apply premium quality glue, this wig stays in place for two whole weeks. During this time, it will not shift under any normal circumstance.

There really is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to blonde lace front wigs. Some of the most famous ones are Opulence Mono Lace Front Wig, Soft and Subtle Mono Lace Front wig, etc. You can also go for the Soft Focus Mono Lace Front Wig or the Nicole Mono Lace Front Wig.

With all these options available, it can be hard to choose the right blonde lace front wig. After all, nobody wants to buy a wig that makes them really self-conscious of their appearance.

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How Can You Select the Best Blonde Lace Front Wig for Yourself?

To make a quick decision about which wig to buy, you need to know about certain factors. These factors will help you pick the right lace front wig for yourself:

Consider the Face Shape

A lot of people do not notice this, but the shape of your face plays an important role. It is not just about the various options you are getting. In fact, when you select a blonde lace front wig on the basis of the face shape, it looks naturalistic.

Take Note of the Lace Cap

When you try to put on a new wig, it is important to take note of the lace cap. After all, it determines whether you will feel any comfort wearing the blonde lace front wig or not. When a lace cap makes you feel like removing it quickly, then it’s not a good one. In addition, lace caps that are capable of drying out your hair need to be avoided at all costs.

These are the types of wigs that can cause problems for your hair.


A wig is made with either synthetic or genuine human hair. Of course, there is an option that combines both of them. However, you should only choose those wigs when there is a shortage of money. If you are looking for wigs that provide really good service, then you should check out ones with human hair.

Best Blonde Lace Front Wigs on Amazon

As you have become well aware of the benefits of wearing a blonde lace front wig, why not buy one? In order to make the buying process easier for you, here is a list of some blonde lace front wigs…

Aubree Blonde Lace Front Wigs

This blonde lace front wig is 22-inches long and wavy. It comes with a couple of adaptable straps accompanied by three combs on the inside. (4.5) Aubree’s blonde lace front wig has been designed to feature a wide cap structure. It looks completely natural while being soft and durable.

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K’ryssma Natural Looking Ash Blonde Wig

First of all, you can cosplay as Rachel Amber from “Life Is Strange” with the K’ryssma blonde lace front wig. It is glue less and consists of synthetic hair. This wig also contains heat resistant properties and withstands nearly 160 Degrees Centigrade. In addition, the cap is of fairly medium size and is quite comfortable to wear.

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ITODAY 613 Blonde Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

ITODAY’s product is made with completely natural Brazilian human hair. The manufacturers make sure that the hair is soft and healthy, with zero issues. It contains breathable lace that mostly goes undetected. There are multiple combs as well as an adaptable strap.

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Lucyhairwig Light Blond Lace Front Wig

The light blonde color for this wig helps it stand out. This wig has been made with synthetic fiber and has heat resistant properties and is made with completely natural material. You will need to place the wig in a very cool and dry spot.

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SUNYOUN 613 Blonde Wig

This blonde lace fair wig from SUNYOUN is one of the best there is in terms of quality. These wigs can be dyed using any color, and they will take the color really well. In addition, you can wash, curl, and even straighten this blonde lace front wig without facing any issues. So, these wigs are bound to have an extended life with the care you give them.

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GEX Short Wavy Lace Front Wigs Blonde

This GEX wig is short and wavy, and at 12-inches looks really good from multiple angles. The product is synthetic and still manages to make your hair look completely natural. It contains heat resistant properties, among other benefits. Moreover, they are designed to help maintain privacy if you need it.

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Enjoy your Wig!

I hope that this article has helped you to choose your wig. Having a blonde bob wig can help to come up with an entirely new look.  

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