What’s the Best Blonde Bob Wig?

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Wigs are head coverings made with human hair as well as animal hair. There are other options that involve the use of synthetic fibers. Of all the different versions of wigs available, a blonde bob wig is a popular choice.

Why Wear a Blonde Bob Wig?

You can wear a blonde bob wig if you have reservations against dying your hair. After all, some people tend to have natural hair that cannot handle the impact of straightening and also dyeing. With a blonde bob wig, you will be able to change your hairstyle without actually doing anything in at all. In fact, a blonde bob wig can beautify the shape of your face if the dimensions are correct.

Which Celebrities Have Blonde Bob Wigs?

Celebrities are using different types of wigs every now and then. However, it has become quite common for to wear a blonde bob wig. You can hear the biggest names wearing a wig in some way. This list starts with Claire Denis and you can expect names like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner and Michelle Williams.

As mentioned above, there are variations when it comes to wigs. There are preferences for each type but, let’s find out which one is better for you:

Human VS Synthetic Hair – Which One is better?

There are a lot of factors to consider before you can buy a wig. Both synthetic and human hair wigs provide benefits but they also come with disadvantages. Some of the factors that you have to rely on while choosing a wig are: budget and your needs.

Human Hair Wigs:

When you wear a human hair wig, it results in a realistic appearance. Human hair wigs tend to be soft and provide movement. In addition, they provide a shine that synthetic hair wigs cannot match. It is quite easy to cut and style a human hair wig so, it is versatile.

As for price, human hair wigs cost more than synthetic hair. However, they are quite formidable when you take good care of them.

Synthetic Hair Wigs:

Synthetic hair is the biggest proof of how far technology has advanced in recent times. In fact, these hair wigs give such a natural look that you will need an expert to tell the difference. Moreover, the best version of synthetic hair wigs will not let you doubt it for even one second. It means that they are so good that they look exactly like actual human hair.

When it comes to putting the wig on, you will enjoy synthetic hair more. The primary reason is that they are ready to be used as soon as they arrive. As for adaptability, this is an area in which synthetic hair struggles quite a bit. They offer very little variations while also being change-resistant in some cases.

So, if you want to use a wig for a long time then it’s better to use human hair wigs. However, if you have a tight budget and are not looking to do multiple styles then synthetic hair is worth it.

One of the more popular styles is the lace front wig. There are obvious reasons for it that you can check out right here:

Why Are Lace Front Wigs Popular?

If you do not want to let people know that you are wearing a wig then wear lace front wigs. It contains an invisible sheer lace front and the design makes it easier to mix with the skin’s complexion. As such, it creates an illusion showing natural hair growth alongside the hairline. Moreover, they come at an affordable price.

The Best Blonde Bob Wigs

Now, it’s time to have a look at some potentially great blonde bob wigs:

SWACC 10-Inch Short Straight Bob Wig

These short straight bob wigs come in various sizes to fit your head and are made with synthetic fiber. As such, they are easy to wash and come at an economic price. These wigs have no need of using pins or a tape as they will fit many people’s heads. 

short straight blonde bob wig

DACHIC Blonde 613 Bob Wig

Human hair wigs such as DACHIC’s are in high demand for a multitude of reasons. They have no lice and are quite healthy. As such, they do not leave any dry ends and will last between 3-6 months. You can dye, curl and straighten them as you please and then style them in any way you want to.

Blonde bob wig

Blonde Bob Wigs Real Human Hair (B07BW8DY5P)

If you are looking for wigs that provide soft texture then this Real Human hair blonde bob wig is the one for you. The production method does not involve the use of any chemical process. These wigs look realistic and are adjustable are quite durable and are combed towards the front side.

Blonde bob wig human hair

LANOVA Short Hair Wigs

This synthetic LANOVA short hair wig is easily mistaken for human hair. They are lightweight and will not weigh you down under any circumstance. You may also like these wigs from LANOVA because they are non-shedding. These wigs come with a couple of wig caps as an added bonus.

ombre blonde bob wig

MSGEM Blonde #613 Bob Lace Front Wig

These MSGEM blonde bob lace front wigs are human hair wigs that feature one direction cuticle. The lace front for these wigs is quite transparent. As such, they provide a realistic look while being breathable. Moreover, they have been designed as actual human scalp.

Bob lace front wig

Sunny 8-inch Ombre Blonde Lace Front Bob Wigs

When it comes to human hair wigs, there are few better options than this Ombre Lace front blonde wig. These wigs contain all-natural Remy human hair and come with adaptable straps.

Ombre blonde lace front wig

Jessica Hair #613 Blonde Wigs

This Jessica hair Blonde wig offers great value for money. They will provide a naturalistic hairline so that nobody understands you are wearing a wig. In addition, there is no shedding whatsoever and they are really silky.

Jessica hair blonde wig

Change your Style and Look with a Blonde Bob Wig!

These blonde bob wigs can really help you change the way you look and add style. With that said, you can also look into blonde lace front wigs as well. You might also like to read this article about choosing the best blonde lace front wig.

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