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You might think that wigs are immune to tangling messes, but the reality might often turn out to be the opposite! Just as you have to brush your natural hair, you are required to take care of your wigs too. As wigs can be made out of animal or human hair, synthetic wigs are also available in the market. Todays blog is all about brushing a wig.

All wigs are prone to knots. Not taking care of your wig will most definitely allow them to degrade faster. Knots and tangled hair will give you a hard time brushing them. If you want to brush your wigs properly, you need to get the proper wig accessories including a wig brush and comb. 

Brush a wig – How To!

Whether wigs are synthetic or made out of human hair, they can easily get tangled. So we need to brush them regularly to keep them from tangling. Here is a step by step process to help you brush your wig.

Gather the necessary equipment for brushing a wig. These include a comb (preferably wide tooth), clips, wig conditioner, a head (preferably Styrofoam), and a few pins.

Firstly, place your wig on the model head. You should use a couple of pins so that it sticks to the Styrofoam.

Next up, you need to grab a bottle of the wig conditioner and spray it onto the wig. Please be sure to apply an optimum amount. The conditioner will make your job a whole lot easier.

Grab your wide-tooth comb and start splitting off the wigs into different sections. You can use the clips to part the sections in the direction you prefer. You will need to brush the sections one at a time. Remember that this can be a time-consuming process. So be patient. You must be gentle while brushing to avoid pulling off the hair. 

Continue brushing the sections one at a time until you are done. Make sure that you separate the brushed hair and the tangled hair. After you are done with all the sections, pull out the clips, and let the hair rest on the head. 

Grab your comb and gently comb the hair down. If you used the right amount of conditioner, chances are that there won’t be any tangles anymore. 

Which type of wigs should you brush?

The common questions that arise regarding brushing wigs is that can you brush all types of wigs? By now, we know that wigs can be made from human hair or animal fur. The new trend includes synthetic wigs too. So can you brush them all? All types of wigs come in a range of prices and qualities. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones. 

If you opt for a cheaper synthetic wig that you don’t plan on using for more than a couple of months, it’s probably better that you do not brush them. Natural wigs, on the other hand, do need to be brushed regularly. 

Brush vs Comb. Which should you choose?

Hairbrushes and combs have been around for quite a long time now. Over time, they have only gotten better. To clean up your tangled mess, you can incorporate both a brush and a wide-tooth comb. 

So it isn’t a matter of which one to choose, rather you need both of them to detangle your wig. Wig brushes are similar to normal hair brushes. They are quite effective when it comes to detangling. 

As you have seen in the brushing process, you need to detangle, brush and then finish it off with a comb. So we recommend that you buy a pack that includes both of them. Here are some of the products for you to look at.

1. Dreamlover Wig Brush

This is a brush set that is specially designed for your wig. The brush kit from Dreamlover includes a total of four items. You will get a hairbrush, a wig comb, and two edge brushes. All the products are made from durable plastic so you can use them for quite a while.

dreamlover wig brush

The brushes and the comb work together to detangle the mess in your wig. The brushes have delicate edges that prevent hair from pulling off. You can incorporate these together to maintain a style of your wigs too. 

2. Spornette Luxury Oval Brush

Another product that will help you detangle your wig is this round brush from Spornette. The larger size of the brush helps to cover more parts of the wig. This surely helps to speed up your brushing time. The satin handle provides a comfortable grip that won’t slip. 

Spornette wig brush

The brush works well with all types of wigs. The bristles have a combination of nylon and boar. The two types of bristles work together to soften up the hair and detangle it too. The tips include some protective rubber cushions. So you do not have to worry about damaging your hair.  

Do you need detangling spray?

Using the correct products has become so important to keep your wigs healthy. A single application of the wrong product might end up ruining your expensive wig. So you need to keep in mind which products go with your type of wig.

Usually, normal conditioners don’t work well with wigs. Especially with synthetic ones. Companies make special conditioners for wigs. If your wigs are tangled, do not use normal spray!

If too much of the wig is tangled, you might need to use a detangling spray. Make sure to use one from a good brand. Spray a little amount onto the fibers. A spray from a good brand will aid in detangling. I love this Spray and Go coconut oil one.

detangling spray

Brushing a Wig takes Patience!

Brushing a wig can be a hectic task. The key is patience. It takes time to detangle a wig. Sometimes it may even take up to half an hour. Don’t lose your cool though. Use the recommended products, brush the wig, and then comb it. You will get your desired results. Go on, give it a try. If you’re interested in buying a good brush, read our article on the best wig brushes.

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