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Most people already know the elegant yet horrifying legacy of Cruella de Vil, a famed Disney villain who loves dalmatians…a little too much. This creepy villainess is one of the most elegant bad guys (or should we say girls) out there, rocking stockings, a 20’s style cigarette holder, long red gloves, and of course, her furs. If you’re looking for a costume that blends evil with fashion and don’t mind rocking a little black and white, Cruella de Vil might just be the perfect fit for you. Just keep an eye on your dogs when she’s around!

Top Cruella De vil Wigs

Short and Spiky

This top cosplay wig features a short and spiky look that debuts de Ville’s signature color-blocked black and white locks. The split dye adds to the ambiance of de Ville’s love for dalmatians, while the short curls mean your hair’s unlikely to get in your way while you strut about in your ensemble. This wig is perfect for adults who are ready to rule the world, de Vil style!

Cruella Deville wigs

Contemporary Cruella

For a more modern take on this villain, consider this ombre shadow-root wig. With long locks that transition sleekly from black to white, this is a very hip take on the famous black and white of Cruella’s hair. De Ville has never looked better than with this elegantly styled wig!

Bangs, Baby, Bangs

Put your own spin on Cruella with this cute bang and fringe wig. Shoulder length waves mean your wig won’t be too unruly or unmanageable, while the black and white colors pop from your roots to the tips of the wig! The bangs add a young and fresh take to the wig as well, making this a good selection for younger cosplayers adding their own perspective to Cruella.

cruella de vil wigs

The Classic

This Cruella wig models the original look as debuted in the animated movie 101 Dalmatians. Here, Cruella’s sleek side bangs fall perfectly in line with the rest of her coiffed hair, showing off dalmatian coloring and Cruella’s signature elegant style. Try this wig if you’re an originalist looking to model the true Cruella look.

The Remake

If you’re looking to add a revamp to Cruella’s look, look no further than this wig inspired by the live-action remake of the classic movie. Big Hollywood waves show off the beautiful dye patterns on Cruella’s hair, making this a show-stopping wig for any adult ready to dazzle the world with her De Vil.

crueela de vil wigs

Cruella de Vil Costume Ideas

Once you’ve settled on the perfect de Vil wig, you’ll also need to find the costume to match! Cruella’s signature red gloves and cigarette holder are a must, as is her Dalmatian stole. Try these listings for the perfect accessories to the Cruella De Vil costume!

Combo Pack

This trio offers all three powerhouses: the Cruella wig, her gloves, and her cigarette holder! Knock all three out of the park at once and accessorize with a string of pearls and a sleek black dress for a true homage to the legendary Cruella.

Cruella de vil combo pack

Cigarette Holder

De Ville’s famous cigarette holder doesn’t just hold her cigarettes – it also is used to gesture, point, and even as a weapon if need be! Pull off the same versatile glamor as de Ville with your own version of her famed cigarette holder and add the perfect touch to your cosplay.

cruella de vil cigarette holder

Pearl Combo Set

This all-inclusive combination package offers all the accessories you’ll need to create the perfect Cruella: the wig, the gloves, the pearls, and the cigarette holder all come here for an affordable price, making it a great bargain pick for people who truly want to be the best Cruella they can be.

cruella de vil costume

Dalmatian Stole

Copy the most famed part of Cruella de Ville’s look here with her faux fur dalmatian stole, featuring the iconic black and white polka dot pattern Cruella loves so much. This illustrious cape drapes over any black dress for the perfect addition to a Cruella cosplay, making it a staple of any Cruella De Vil fan’s closet.

Cruella de vil dalmation stole

The Entire Ensemble

For the diehard ready to commit to a fully glamorous de Ville, this complete costume set offers everything you need. A chic black formfitting gown paired with dalmatian patterns and red accents sets the tone for the ultimate homage to De Ville. When paired with the perfect wig and the right accessories, any woman in this dress will be truly unstoppable.

cruella de vil costume

I hope that you enjoyed our guide to Cruella de vil wigs. For more iconic villainess costumes, check out our article on witch wigs here!

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