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There is no hard or fast rule that dictates whether you should or should not wear a wig cap. If you are wearing a wig regularly then naturally, you will want it to feel comfortable on your head but also look natural. This is where a wig cap can really make a difference.

Smiffys Wig Cap
Smiffys Wig Cap
Smiffys Wig Cap
Smiffys Wig Cap

The Benefits of Wearing a Wig Cap

If you find that your wig is causing irritation to your scalp or causing it to itch then a wig cap could certainly help you to wear a wig comfortably. If your wig is machine made then it can be uncomfortable and can feel awkward on your head and so, this is where you would benefit from a wig cap. A wig cap will form a barrier between your skin and wig and that removes any problems in terms of irritation and skin problems that might occur from wearing a wig.

Wearing a wig cap can also help to remove the problem of a wig that slips and moves around on the head. This is down to the fact that it acts as friction helping it to stay in place. If you find that you have problems with wig that look lumpy or is an odd shape, it could be because of your real hair. Trying to keep your real hair even when a wig sits on top of it can prove tricky but a wig cap can help to keep the hair flat and smooth. This then makes it possible for you to place your wig on your head without the worry of having an unnatural look or lumps and bumps.

How to put on Wig Caps

Wig caps are very simple to put on. Stretch the cap over your head gently and make sure that you line it up with your hairline. All of your hair should be underneath it. Then you’ve got a great base for a wig.

Cheap Wig Caps Online

Wig caps are generally quite cheap and you can pick up cheap wig caps online for less than £1. Here are the best wig caps that we’ve found on Amazon. The most popular kind are nylon or stocking (like tights!) and fishnet.

This nylon wig cap is just £0.57 for 2 pieces. It’s excellent value and worth investing in a set.

This 3 pack of nylon wig caps, one black fishnet and one nude, is just £4.99 on Amazon and available on Amazon Prime.

No products found.

This Smiffy’s unisex wig cap is just £2.94 on Amazon Prime

Smiffys Wig Cap
  • Includes Wig Cap, Nude, Stretches to Cover Hair
  • Only available in one size
  • Our dedicated in-house Safety team ensure that all of our products are manufactured and rigorously tested to comply with the latest EU and American Safety standards and regulations.

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