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Retinoids can be useful to calm mild acne. They can also improve skins elasticity and firmness. These Intelligence Genius nightly resurfacing pads have helped to clear my pores and improve the look of my skin in just 48 hours. I hope that you enjoy my Arbonne Intelligence Genius review.

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Top Retinoid Product – Intelligence Genius

Arbonne Intelligence Genius comes in a bottle. You need to pour the full bottle of the solution onto the nightly resurfacing pads. Store the tub of resurfacing pads upside down and use within 3 months for best results. If you are using these in conjunction with your normal or Clear Control skincare routine, cleanse, GENIUS + wait 10 minutes, then tone and moisturise.

I’m not joking, the first time I ever used this product I was amazed – my skin felt totally transformed after just one use and that’s no exageration!

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Using Retinoid Products – Things to be Aware of

With retinoid products, it is a good idea to give your skin a break from time to time. I use mine nightly for 2 months and then have a 1 month break. Also, be aware that retinoids can increase sun sensitivity, so do not use before going out in the sun and always use SPF.

Make sure that you always check with a healthcare professional before commencing any retinoid treatment. The advice is that it is an unsuitable regime for pregnant women and people with certain underlying health conditions.

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