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Eva Gabor was an actress and singer who rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s as an icon for women everywhere. However, moving past her career in the arts, she also notably became a businesswoman, selling and marketing fashion, merchandise, and wigs.  An Eva Gabor wig is the most notable type of wig for females, because it offers popular designer styles in natural colors and lightweight hand-tied tops. Stylish, modern, and iconic – Eva Gabor wigs are a great option for women experiencing hair-loss, to still pull off their favorite looks. 

Eva Gabor Gala Synthetic Wig (G811+)

Eva Gabor wi8gs

This Eva Gabor wig is brought to you by the Eva Gabor brand as a part of the Gabor Next collection.  It is made out of synthetic fabric and has an incredibly light feel with a natural flowing look.  The whole cap is only 2 ounces and the color is a glistening light brown.  The wig is perfect if you are looking for a shorter hair style that exudes confidence with a naturally glowing color. It’s one of the most popular Eva Gabor wigs.

Eva Gabor Beauty Spot Short Side-Swept Comfort Cap Wig, Walnut by Hairuwear

Eva gabor wig blonde

Hair u wear brings an incredibly fashionable Eva Gabor style for another short hair wig.  However, this wig is in a darker walnut and is perfect for a tidier side-swept look. The wig still manages to look remarkably realistic with its layered part and maintains a soft feel from its polyester fibers.  This wig stands out for its comfort with small adjusters, open ear tabs, and a light cap that lets you worry less about your hair and more about the fun you’re having. To increase its adjustability, this wig also can be styled to fit whichever hairstyle you are looking to obtain. 

Sweet Talk Wig Short Lace Front Wavy Crop Women’s by Eva Gabor Wigs GL 14/22

Eva Gabor wigs

Hair u wear also delivers various other stylish wigs for your selection.  The Sweet Talk wig rocks a wavier look, with longer that slightly curls down the sides in a natural flow.  With a monofilament part, the wig mimics the growth of hair from the scalp and allows for wearers to part their hair however they choose. Velvet lining is featured for increased comfort, with adjusters to help you achieve a notably realistic look, feel, and adaptability. 

Eva Gabor Fortune G829+ Wig by Hairuwear

Eva Gabor wig

This Eva Gabor wig by Hair u wear offers a more vintage windblown image.  The synthetic material and brunette color appears and feels just as natural as all the other amazing options by Hair u wear. This wig is slightly different with its hidden weft that helps with a realistic hairline, on top of the adjusters and ear tabs Hair u wear is known for offering. 

Eva Gabor Acclaim Short Layered Petite Size Comfort Cap Wig, Honey Mist by Hairuwear

Eva Gabor short wig

Honey Mist is an incredibly unique chic color that not many wigs offer, if you would like a stunning find look no further than this option.  The stretch material used also fits naturally to the shape of your head, reducing discomfort and unnatural volume for a better fit. Soft texture, reliable product, adjustable fitting, natural-appearance, resilient stretch material, and breathable cap – this wig has everything you need on top of a unique color.  

Eva Gabor S23101 On Edge Wig by Hairuwear

Blond wig

Want to go blonde? The On Edge Wig comes in a very light shade of blonde with a glamorous design – titled “sun-kissed beige.”  The wig can be designed straight, wavy, or curly with its medium-length and fine textured hair. Lace front, monofilament part – the hairline is guaranteed to be seamlessy adjusted and offer a highly realistic look. 

Eva Gabor Runway Waves Wig, Gl11-25 by Hairuwear

Wavy wig

Not a fan of short or straight hair? The Runway Waves wig is a longer option with flowing layered waves down past the shoulders.  This wig is a top option for a lengthier wig alternative and offers the same monofilament part, velvet lining, and adjusters. 

No matter the look you are going for, there is an Eva Gabor wig that is adjustable to your headshape and with a fashionable appearance you love. To learn more about the different wigs hairstyles can rock at home or on-the-go, visit our article on

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