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Who is Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul ?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock when it comes to anime, you would know Ken Kaneki. He is the protagonist of the wildly popular dark fantasy anime series Tokyo Ghoul which ran for 3 seasons from 2014 – 2017. Kaneki is a college student who turns into a hybrid of a human and a human-eating ghoul after a confrontation with the girl/ghoul Rize Kamishiro which results in the transplant of her organs into him. Consequently, he starts working at the café “Anteiku” run by ghouls and learns more about them. The rest of the series depicts his antics in his attempts to resolve the conflict between humans and ghouls and striving to create a world where both can live in peaceful coexistence.

Today, Kaneki is known by boys and girls for his dark personality, his growth, and most importantly, his looks and his iconic ghoul mask. No wonder he’s a ubiquitous choice for cosplay costumes. Enjoy our Ken Kaneki Cosplay ideas.

Finding the perfect wig and costume can be tiresome. Hence, we made this list to ease this for you.

What are the best wigs for this costume?

1. HH Building Silver White Wig

Product description: This wig is perfect if you’re going for that suave look. The long white strands in front of your face give off fresh-faced feels which can be attractive.

Ken Kaneki Cosplay

Design and Quality: The wig can adapt up to 5 cm for different head sizes. Made from the best faux fiber, it is a professional handicraft and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees.

Notable Features

  • Good value for money
  • Includes a wig cap
  • Easy DIY modeling
  • Prompt delivery

2. Dayiss Unisex Silver Wig

Product description: If you prefer to have the original silver color only then this wig is for you. After all, with the classic wig style, this color is uniquely on fleek!

Ken Kaneki Cosplay wig

Design and Quality: Incredibly soft and silky that looks and feels just like real human hair! This wig too is adjustable, up to about 3 cm.

Notable Features

  • Great air penetrability
  • Wig cap included
  • Ideal for any party use
  • 24/7 great customer service

What are the best shoes for this costume?

1. Mister Bear Black Shoe

Product description: These shiny black shoes are made to fit your Ken Kaneki costume and are sure to turn heads at any cosplay party you go to. 

Ken Kaneki Cosplay shoes

Design and Quality: The boots are made from superior quality material and fake leather.

Notable Features

  • Shoes are custom-made
  • It takes approximately 2 weeks to make
  • Shoe size available from US5 – US14
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Shipping time takes less than a month

2. Mingchuan Whirl White Cosplay Shoes

Product Description: These slick white shoes with the mismatched shoelaces and the ghoulish mark atop add a realistic touch in bringing out your ghoulish side through your Ken Kaneki outfit.

Tokyo Ghoul Shoes

Design and Quality: Comfortable and stylish to wear not just for a costume party, but also for any formal party if you want to add some zest to fashion.

Notable Features

  • Shoes are custom-made
  • It takes approximately 2 weeks to make
  • If shoe size exceeds 44, you get flat heels instead of high heels
  • To make this, you need to provide details on your shoe size, calf, and gender

More Ken Kaneki Cosplay Ideas

1. Ya-cos Cotton Long-Sleeve Jacket Hoodie Coat

Product description: This is the perfect gift for any Tokyo Ghoul fan who values coziness, durability, and pop culture!

Ken Kaneki cosplay

Design and Quality: This jacket is made from top-grade cotton and velvet fabric for your utmost comfort.

Notable Features

  • Amazon Best-Seller in apparel categories
  • Removable hat
  • Ya-cos is the only original seller
  • Size available from S – XXL

What are the Full costume options ?

1. Cosfun Full Outfit

Product description: This is the all-around Ken Kaneki costume outfit for anybody who doesn’t have the time to shop around for individual parts.

Quality and Design: It is made from uniform PU leather of the highest quality and especially handmade for you to enjoy superior coziness.

Notable Features

  • Fits well
  • No pockets
  • Amazon best-seller in the clothing categories

2. Ya-cos Halloween Men’s Jumpsuit Battle Uniform Costume

Product Description: Are you ready to showcase your warrior side to your friends? Wear this unique black jumpsuit and bring out your inner Ken Kaneki side!

Mens Halloween jumpsuit

Design and Quality: It is made from uniform cloth and leather and is super snug to wear.

Notable Features

  • Ya-cos is the only original seller
  • Size chart is not US size
  • Can be tailor-made
  • Must email the size requirements if custom-made
  • Color of the image may be different from onscreen
  • Great value for money

Bottom Line

We feel most deeply about characters whose steady growth and/or inner conflicts mimic our own or touch a chord in us. Ken Kaneki’s growth and his struggle with himself as a human and a ghoul was the same with us anime fans. Perhaps, that is why he is such a popular character to don for cosplay conventions. If we cannot be him at least, we can try to be him. And if you’re looking for costumes, hope our list has been a thorough guide for you.

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