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The professional hair labs ghost bond XL wig glue is safe to use and is very easy to clean up. But, do you know why people love it so much? Well, people love this product so much is due to its reliability and consistency. 

Is Ghost Bond XL Wig Glue Safe?

Well, the manufacturers mainly claim the safety of this product due to its quality. The product is water-based and it doesn’t cause any damage to the skin like those solvent-based adhesives. Besides, it also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that’ll cause any harm to the skin. 

Furthermore, it provides an anti-bacterial formula that makes sure that your hair doesn’t get attacked from any viruses. Apart from this, it also features a stronghold which makes sure your hair can stay strong. 

So, we can confidently claim that this is one of the best wig adhesives out there for you. 

Why do you need a wig glue? 

By now, you’ll know why the wig adhesive from hair labs ghost is great. But wait, let me tell you something. Why is it necessary for you to get a wig glue? Can you not wear hair wigs without glue? 

Well, with laced wigs, you aren’t only using wig glues. Also, wig glue has different benefits of its own. They can protect your hair follicles. However, some of the glues do end up blocking different pores of the head. 

Apart from some instances, you can use the glues to maintain a strong bond with the wig and the hair. 

Product Description of Ghost Bond XL

The Ghost Bond is one of the best products for hair wig adhesive which is made by Pro Hair Labs. This version is designed so that it can control the moisture and provide the best ability of adhesive even in warm temperatures. 

Moreover, it’s waterproof and it can control the adhesive very well in extreme conditions. As a result, the product maintains a stronghold with the hairs in your head. 

This means the product won’t face any problem in the tropical zones, spas, and beaches. Due to a high melting point of the adhesive, the product can work well in those climates. 

It contains no harsh chemicals and is water-based. Hence, it’s safe for the skin and doesn’t damage it by any chance. 

Benefits of Ghost Bond XL

The product is one of the safest in the market. Not only is it the safest but the strongest also. But are there other benefits to this product? 

Turns out, there are other benefits of this product, they are: 

  • Works Well on Tropical Climates. 

Worried that you’re going to enjoy your vacations but you can’t take your wig with you? 

Well, you’ll never have to worry anymore as the wigs glue from Professional Labs will make sure that it can maintain a stronghold always. As a result, you’ll never have to think about your wigs when going on a vacation. 

Just apply it on your hair and the adhesive will do the rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a topical or a cold climate, the wig will take care of the rest. 

  • High Melting Point. 

The adhesive has a high melting point. But, what does this mean for you? Well, this means that you can use your wigs at a high temperature.

Normally, adhesive wear out whenever they’re taken at a high temperature. Also, they don’t maintain a stronghold when they’re exposed to temperatures like this. 

But, don’t worry as this adhesive from Professional labs will take care of that. This has a high melting point which means that it won’t melt away at a higher temperature. 

Furthermore, it’ll take care of the strong bond of your wigs with your hair even at a higher temperature. So, you can chill at higher temperatures with this wig glue. 

  • Works in Excess Humidity.

Just like high temperature, the wig glue works well in high humidity as well. But does high humidity affect wig glues? 

Yes, higher humidity wears out the glues as well. A higher humid temperature doesn’t allow the glues to maintain a stronghold. As a result, the glues wore out and the wigs don’t work properly. 

Many people don’t even take their wigs with them when traveling to a higher humid climate. Some even face difficulties in higher humid environments. 

But you’re in luck as the adhesive from professional hair labs works well in higher humid environments as well. As a result, you can be free and you can wear your wigs at higher humidity.  

  • It Dries Faster. 

The adhesive from professional labs dries faster compared to other adhesives in the market. This means that the glue won’t remain wet. At times, it seems like the glues don’t dry properly. As a result, they fail to maintain a good bond with the hair. 

  • Leaves your Hair with a Matt Finish.

The glues not only work well with the hair but they also provide a matt finish. As a result, the hair looks better and feels better as well. 

  • It has no Harsh Chemicals or Toxic Elements & Is Safe.  

Yes, you heard me right. They’re made with natural ingredients. At times, the other adhesives have too many chemicals and toxic elements in them. 

As a result, these adhesives damage the skin and don’t feel good. But don’t worry as the adhesive from professional labs is safe. So, you can be confident about this product not damaging your skin. 

  • It can Work Well with Polyurethane Hair.

The adhesive from professional hair labs is great as it can with polyurethane hair as well. For example, with these Platinum Hair Long Braided Wigs.

Where to Buy Ghost Bond XL

You can buy this product from amazon. By now, you’ll know all of the benefits and features of this product. You’ll even know why people favor this product over others. That being said, you can purchase it from amazon


So, folks, that’s all we have for you. In the end, you’ll know why people favor Ghost Bond XL Wig Glue and why it stands out in the market as one of the best wig glues. You can also use it with blonde lace front wigs.

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