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The White Wolf, King Crow, the Prince that was Promised – whatever title you call him by, Jon Snow is undeniably an iconic and menacing figure from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, or as it’s known to its television fans, Game of Thrones. The ominous and powerful commander of the Watch, Jon Snow towers over everyone he meets. Lean, strong, and brooding, Jon Snow is a recognizable and popular character for all kinds of dedicated Game of Thrones fans. But just who is this menacing man from the North, and why is he so popular?

Jon Snow is an illegitimate ruler in the Northern Kingdom of the land in which he lives. Raised by the brother of his deceased mother, Jon grows up unaware of his troubled heritage and forges a career in military service. As rebellion and war threaten the kingdom, Jon answers the call to defend his land, but begins to learn a lot more about his siblings and his heritage in the process. Jon Snow is popular for his fierce grit and determination in the face of uncertainty and struggle. A perpetual outcast, Jon Snow fights for honor and valor despite knowing that honor, valor, and determination are things that can often get him or his loved ones killed. His furrowed brown and tense smile are well-known attributes of his character, as are his unruly, tangled black locks that fall to his shoulders. A true warrior, Jon Snow walks with the poise of a king, his thick cloak trailing behind him. 

For those who have fallen in love with the illustrious Snow, there’s no better way to honor him than to dress up as him for Halloween or to cosplay him. As Game of Thrones grows in popularity, there’s no better time than the present to start dressing up as Jon Snow! We’ve put together some of the best wigs and costume pieces to help you assemble your dream Jon Snow costume!

Best Jon Snow Wigs

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cosplay Wig

best Jon Snow wigs

This signature wig is the perfect complement to a Jon Snow look! The textured black curls add ambiance and atmosphere to your brooding Snow look, and the color and length perfectly match Jon’s tousled locks from the movie. This wig comes with a wig and a wig cap. The wig fibers are heat resistant and synthetic fiber that can also be styled by heat tools if you’re not satisfied with the curls or need to touch it up. The wig itself is adjustable so you can ensure a perfect fit.

Lemarnia Men’s Wigs Black Short Curly Jon Snow Cosplay

Short curly jon snow wig

This high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber wig comes with the perfect black curls that are signature to the look of Jon Snow. Natural, comfortable, and soft to the touch, this masterpiece of a wig manages to capture both the casual elegance and warrior’s fierceness of Jon Snow. The adjustable wig cap fits perfectly on most heads, making it a versatile wig that can be used and reused for the perfect cosplay.

Ainiel Men’s Fiber Curly Anime Cosplay

Mens cosplay jon snow wig

This Jon Snow wig captures his earlier look, back when he was younger and full of tightly curled locks. This sleek black head of coils is made of high quality synthetic fiber that’s soft and comfortable to wear. Your wig comes with a built in wig cap for ease of use and features and adjustable strap to fit head sizes. Perfect for Halloween, the stage, or any other cosplay instances, this versatile curled wig is a great addition to a Jon Snow line-up.

Jon Snow Wig GOT Black

Jon snow wig GOT Black

Named and designed after the man himself, this wig promises perfect authenticity and a versatile look. Another curled masterpiece promising all of Jon Snow’s textured locks, this wig is a quality synthetic fiber masterpiece promising adjustable and high-performing wig wear time and time again. Perfect for any occasion, this heat-resistant synthetic fiber wig is a perfect costume accessory.

Bonus Look: Get the Costume

For fans who want to go the extra mile, add one of these Jon Snow costumes to finalize your look.

Sidnor GoT Night’s Watch Cosplay

GOT Night's watch Cosplay

This elegant commander’s costume perfectly mirrors Jon Snow’s signature look. Black, thick, and foreboding, this sleek armor and cape combo demonstrates Jon Snow’s true warrior heart. Using quality fabrics and hand tailored designs, this all inclusive costume features a cape, vest, belt, strap, and gloves that all mirror Jon Snow in every way.

Beauty Plus CosTop Knight’s Watch

Knight's watch costume

An affordable and excitingly authentic cosplay, this inclusive Jon Snow costume comes with a cape, uniform top, belt, waistcoat, and kilt for the ultimate Jon Snow appearance. The beautifully authentic polyleather and fur details add an extra level of flair to the entire costume for an all around authentic Jon Snow cosplay.

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