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Rainbow colored hair is the dream we all seek but can never quite make a reality. Have you ever stood in front of the mirror painting on dye hoping that your hair will turn out perfectly, only to end up with a muddy mix of strands that needed a hairdresser’s attention as soon as possible? Rainbow coloured hair is the style that everyone dreams of but can never pull off successfully, which is why a rainbow coloured wig is the solution we’ve all been waiting for!

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Rainbow colored wigs are great for any occasion. Spice up your every day look with some new and colourful locks no one is expecting without having to commit to a permanent rainbow dye. Save your hair from endless dying and damage through the use of these elegant wigs. You can find any variety of rainbow and include any number of shades in your colourful wig collection, making rainbow wigs a new staple in your daily collection!

The Best Rainbow Colored Wigs

Beron Women’s Short Curly Wavy Wig (New Rainbow)

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This fun take on rainbow wigs blends contemporary style with robust colours for an exciting and fresh appearance! Blends of red and orange dominate, but pretty blue bangs and yellow-green highlights pop throughout the wig for an altogether glamorous appearance. This wig is heat resistant and offers synthetic fiber for a curly appearance that can be styled however you like it, complete with an adjustable wig cap for an extra-well balanced fit.

Fun World Unisex Adult Rainbo Curlz Wig

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This out-of-this-world wig is great for people who aren’t afraid to stand out. Perfect for clowns, entertainers, and any other person who’s unafraid of an eye-popping wow factor, these glamorous rainbow coils are a great selection. Long, curly, and heat-resistance, this stylish wig can be used time and time again for a fun and funky appearance you’ll never say no to!

Rainbow Hair Wig Unicorn

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This long and luxurious pastel rainbow wig is perfect for folks who want to live out their unicorn dreams. Offering almost 28 unches of perfectly curled pastel hair, this wig comes with a built-in unicorn horn and ears for the complete unicorn ensemble. The adjustable wig cap fits any diameter or head circumference for the perfect tight fit so you can ensure a no-slip grip on your scalp. Wash and style easily for the perfect pony princess look!

AGPtEK Full Wavy Rainbow Hair

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This Harajuku style wig offers long, wavy rainbow curls in a variety of eye-popping colours. Neon purple, deep blue, bright green, subtle pink- all of these shades are woven together for an elegant rainbow appearance that’s perfect for cosplay, costuming, or any other situation. The 27.5 inches of wavy hair provide a long and luxurious look that’s a great Halloween look for all!

Mildiso Rainbow Wig Colorful Unicorn

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This pastel rainbow appearance is a great fit for anyone looking to live out unicorn, fairy, or even princess pony dreams. Short and wavy, this pretty style features synthetic hair and an adjustable wig cap for a customizable fit that’s pretty and sits perfectly. Easily washed and styled for reusable fun, this wig is a perfect accessory and addition to anyone’s costume repertoire!

AGPtEK Full Long Wavy Rainbow Hair Wig

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Wavy, pastel, and rainbow glamorous, the AGPtEK wavy rainbow wig is the perfect accessory for music festivals, theme parties, concerts, and more. Take this wig to a rave and celebrate your favorite music with these colorful pastel and neon locks that provide the perfect glamorous look. Heat-resistant, long, and perfect for styling, you’ll be happy every time you step into this fun wig!

Rainbow colored wigs are a fun accessory and the perfect entry into the world of exciting and adventurous wigs. If you’ve tried these out and are ready for a more daring look, check out our tinsel wigs for some exciting coloured wig options!

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