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Looking for the best Shoto Todoroki wig? Then this article is for you, but first here is an introduction to the character from My Hero Academia:

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series that follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who is born without powers in a world in which the ability to have superpowers is ever increasing. Izuku dreams of becoming a hero still, and eventually his potential is recognised by the most popular hero in Japan. The hero gives him his own super powers and helps him to get into U.A. High school for heroes. Here he learns to become a hero with his friends, where the school teaches them how to fight against the villains.

Shoto Todoroki is one of the main characters in the manga and anime show My Hero Academia. He is a student at high school who is training to become a ‘pro hero’, somebody who used their abilities to protect civilians from any sort of harm. His abilities consist of being half cold and half hot, meaning that he can freeze things using the right side of his body, including his signature move in which he creates ice trails and surfs upon them. From the right side of his body he can emit flames. There is no doubt that he is a powerful hero, but he has a dark past of abuse that adds to his complex character. He often despises his fire half due to the links it has to his father, this gets him into trouble because he often favours ice even when fire is the correct option.

He is a quiet and reserved character, in the sense that he prefers to keep to himself, but as the show goes on he becomes more sociable and forms connections with the other characters. He is kind and thoughtful with a sense of humour, but his dark past can also make him a bit of a lone wolf.

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Shoto Todoroki’s costume has been especially designed in order to regulate his temperature. His dark blue jacket is made from fire resistant material and his vest regulates his body temperature. He also has a utility belt and white snow boots with spikes on the soles that allow him to keep balanced on the ice. His boots were later upgraded with straps on the front. He also received wrist guards as part of the upgrade, they are made from the same material as his vest and help to regulate the temperature of his ice and fire, by preventing the heat or cold from travelling up his arms. 

Best Shoto Todoroki Wig

Here are some of the best wigs available on the market:

Muzi Shoto Todoroki Wig

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This wig even comes with a free wig cap that will help to keep your new wig in place when you go out cosplaying. When this wig arrives, it will need to be styled although it is a good quality wig made from heat resistant synthetic fibre. The wig has an adjustable hook for fitting it on your head. 

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Made from heat resistance material to avoid any irritation, this wig looks great and will be a perfect addition to your Shoto Todoroki cosplay. The wig has adjustable straps for fitting the wig to your head securely. It will fit most head sizes. 

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This is a high quality wig made from synthetic fibre and has a wig cap attached on the inside with an adjustable clasp that will ensure the wig is fitted securely to your head. It will fit most head sizes and will look killer as part of your Shoto Todoroki cosplay.

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This wig is also made from heat resistant synthetic fibre and is adjustable by the hooks on the inside of the cap so that the wig fits your head perfectly. The wig will fit most head types and will need to be shaped when it arrives. It also comes with two cute ears that may not be part of Shoto Todoroki’s costume, but they look cute all the same.

Shoto Todoroki Cosplay Ideas

Here are some costume ideas that you can pair up with your new wig:

Shoto Todoroki School Uniform

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This is a blazer that has been styled to match the school uniform of U.A. high school. It is a perfect costume that will allow you to feel like one of the My Hero Academia heroes. Not to mention, it is slightly different than cosplaying Shoto Todoroki’s hero suit.

Hero Suit

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Or you can cosplay with Shoto Todoroki’s hero outfit and feel even more like a hero. This outfit comes with the dark blue top with Shoto’s signature high collar, dark blue trousers, belt, and a detachable vest. You can pair it with your own wig and white boots. 

Shoto Todoroki Hoodie

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Why not try something a little different? This hoodie is perfect for cosplaying, or for simply lounging around. It has the markings of Shoto Todoroki’s hero suit and will look great paired with Shoto’s dark blue trousers, or with your own casual wear. 

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