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Kim Possible is a great idea for your next halloween costume or cosplay. It is also a great idea for your kid’s next fancy dress party. Kim Possible has been around since 2002 and you will look incredible in some of the wigs and costumes below, but first who is Kim Possible?

Kim Possible first came to screens in 2002 in her own television show Kim Possible. The Disney show lasted until 2007, with movies such as Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time (2003), Kim Possible: The Villain Files (2004), and Kim Possible: So the Drama (2005) also showcasing the tough character. In 2019 there was also a live action movie, simply named after the television show. The show is about a high school cheerleader, her best friend and sidekick, and her best friend’s pet mole rat who save the world in secret while navigating high school life. 

Kim Possible’s life as a hero began when she set up her own babysitting website as a way to earn some money for herself. Her website was called, soon after setting the website up, Kim was contacted by a man who needed help. He was looking for a group of heroes named ‘Team Impossible’, instead mistaking Kim for offering heroic services. Kim decided to help instead of confessing to not being a hero, she successfully saved the man and thus her reputation as a freelance hero began.

Kim Possible is a competitive character who often has her standards set too high for herself and for others. She is a kind and caring person, and being paired with brave, strong, confident, and clever, she is perfect for the job as a hero. She is also a cheerful and positive character, who has to deal with growing up and being a teenage girl. 

Kim is tall and slim with large round green eyes and long ginger hair. Originally Kim’s outfit consisted of a green tank top, cargo trousers, and white shoes, but most iconically Kim Possible is known for her cropped black top with long sleeves, her green cargo trousers, black gloves, black shoes, and a utility belt. 

Kim Possible Wig

As far as powers go, Kim Possible doesn’t really have any so to speak, although she does have above average strength. She also has incredible reflexes and flexibility due to her cheerleading, she is highly intelligent, and she knows martial arts. All of these qualities paired together make her the perfect hero and therefore perfect for your halloween or cosplay, so let’s get to some costume ideas:

Kim Possible Wig

This long ginger wig is thick and full of definition. It will be able to be perfectly styled into Kim Possible’s iconic style. The wig comes with adjustable straps so that it can sit comfortably on your head and hold its position well, it will fit most head sizes. The wig is also made from synthetic fibres that are heat resistant to avoid irritation. It will look great as part of your Kim Possible costume, just remember to style it. 

Kim possible wig

The colour on this wig looks incredible, as close to Kim Possible’s hair colour as they come. It is a long and thick dark orange wig that can be styled to perfectly replicate Kim Possible’s iconic look. The wig is made from synthetic fibres and is therefore comfortable to wear as it will not cause any irritation. It comes with an adjustable inner wig cap that will allow for security and little movement on your head, and it will fit most people. This wig is perfect for the Kim Possible look, just style it and you’re good to go.

Kim Possible Hair

Another long ginger wig that can be styled to look just like Kim Possible’s hair. This wig looks extra thick and will therefore be easier to style into Kim Possible’s thick hairstyle. It comes with an inner cap that is adjustable, allowing most people to wear it, and making it extra comfortable and secure on your head. The wig is made from synthetic material that is heat resistant, preventing any irritation. It is another great option for wearing as part of your Kim Possible costume and if styled the right way, it will look incredible.

Kim Possible Cosplay

Why not take a look at some Kim possible cosplay items to pair with your luscious new wig?

This costume features all the iconic features of Kim Possible’s outfit – the black crop top, the gloves, the cargo style trousers, and the utility belt. This costume has all that you need to dress up as the iconic hero. Pair it with one of the wigs above and your costume will look perfect for halloween or cosplay.

Kim Possible costume

If you’re wanting a more detailed belt for your costume, this military belt is perfect. It looks exactly like Kim Possible’s and has ten pockets for you to put whatever you need in them. It is made of cotton and is adjustable to 58 inches. You can even pair it with the costume above if you are looking for a more detailed belt. It is high quality and replicates Kim’s iconic utility belt, so why not add this to your costume and make it even more badass.

Kim Possible cosplay

These green cargo camo trousers look authentic to Kim Possible’s style. These will look incredibly similar to Kim’s cargo trousers and will make a great addition to your costume. They are high quality and will have you feeling like a hero.

Kim Possible cosplay top

On top you can wear this black cropped turtleneck that will look great paired with the cargo trousers and belt above. The top is simple in style and so it will look great paired with other items in order to replicate Kim Possible’s iconic outfit.

Kim Possible gloves

These plain black gloves paired with the individual items above will have you feeling and looking heroic, completing your outfit for halloween or your cosplay. Gloves always have a way of making you feel even more in character, even more heroic, so why not add these to perfect your outfit.

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