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Marie Antoinette is known for her fashion and iconic beauty, more so than her history and time on the throne. So let’s take a look at the famous Queen’s history:

Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French revolution, in fact she was the one who provoked the revolution that led to the overthrow of the French monarchy in 1792. 

She was born in Austria to the empress and emperor of Austria in 1755. In 1765, Louis Ferdinand (the son of the French monarch) died, leaving King Louis XV’s grandson, Louis-Auguste heir to the French throne. Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste’s (future King Louis XVI) marriage was planned not too long after. In 1768 King Louis XV sent a tutor to instruct Marie Antoinette, later telling the King of her intelligence but that she was lazy, frivolous, and hard to teach. In 1770, she was sent to be married in France to Louis-Auguste. In letters home, it was clear that Marie Antoinette did not take well to married life and was frequently homesick. In 1774 King Louis XV died, leaving Louis-Auguste to take over the throne with his Queen Marie Antoinette, who was only nineteen years old. In 1778 they had their first child together, their daughter Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte. 

The couple had extremely contrasting personalities, with King Louis XVI being shy and introverted, and Queen Marie Antoinette being an outgoing extrovert who loved her parties and stand out fashion. In 1780 Marie Antoinette started to spend more time away from the King, resulting in rumours to surface that she was having an affair with a Swedish diplomat called Count Axel von Fersen.

Marie Antoinette also had a nickname, ‘Madame Deficit’. This came about after her being accused of adultery, and others who accused her of being ignorant. At this time, the country was starting to struggle financially, and people seeing Marie Antoinette living her extravagant lifestyle and hosting fancy parties, made people bitter towards the Queen. Famously, in 1785, a thief posing as Marie Antoinette sold a diamond necklace in London. Although she was innocent, the people of France disliked her already and viewed her as guilty. 

A famous quote by Marie Antoinette is ‘let them eat cake’. The rumour is that after hearing the people of France were struggling with food and had no bread in 1789 (around the start of the French Revolution), the queen said ‘qu’ils mangent de la brioche’, translating to ‘let them eat cake’. Although ‘brioche’ in French is more of a fancy French bread. Although historians nowadays do not believe the story to be true, because despite her extravagant lifestyle, the Queen did give to charity often and cared for all the classes. 

The French Revolution began in 1789, in 1791 the monarchy tried to flee France with the help of Marie Antoinette’s supposed lover Count Axel von Fersen. However, they were captured and taken back to Paris. In September 1792, the National Convention decided to abolish the French monarchy after a month of massacres in Paris. Due to this, Marie Antoinette and Louis-Auguste were arrested. In 1793, Louis-Auguste was put on trial, convicted of treason and sentenced to death. Months later, Marie Antoinette was also sent to the guillotine. 

Marie Antoinette Wig

So if you want to dress up as the last Queen of France for halloween or a fancy dress party, here are some wigs to help you to look like the extravagant queen:

Marie Antoinette Wig

This curly wig mimics Marie Antoinette’s hair colour and style well and has the level of extravagance expected from the last French Queen. The wig can be easily styled to look more like Marie Antoinette’s hairstyle and has the perfect length and colour to do so. It is made with heat resistant synthetic fibre to avoid any irritation and it comes with a wig cap that will hold your wig in place comfortably. This wig will make you feel like a Queen and can be styled perfectly for the iconic Marie Antoinette style.

Marie Antoinette Wig

A boisterous and extravagant wig fit for a Queen. This Marie Antoinette wig is iconic and styled to look just like the icon herself. The synthetic fibres allow for a comfortable fit and the wig cap will allow you security. As extravagant as the woman herself, this wig will look great as part of your costume.

Marie Antoinette Wig

Another iconic style that is recognisably Marie Antoinette’s style. This wig even features bows that are notably part of Marie Antoinette’s style. The synthetic fibres allow for a comfortable and irritant free fit. Note that this wig will need some styling once purchased. This may provide you with the iconic Marie Antoinette hairstyle that will complete your costume, after all it is the hair that makes your Marie Antoinette costume recognisable.

Marie Antoinette Wigs

This wig may look slightly messier, but the colour and initial style can be easily styled to copy the iconic look of Marie Antoinette. It has an adjustable wig cap that can fit most and will provide some security to your cosplay. The wig is also made out of synthetic fibres so it will not irritate your head when wearing it. It looks soft and looks as though it can be easily styled to Marie Antoinette’s signature look.

Marie Antoinette wig

This wig provides a little bit more shine. It will likely come needing to be styled a bit, but it does look great. It is made of synthetic fibres to avoid any irritation. This silvery looking wig is a stand out that will look great as part of your costume.

Marie Antoinette Costumes

If you are also looking for some costumes to help you to look more like fashionable Queen, here are some options that will have you feeling as beautiful and confident as Marie Antoinette herself:

Marie Antoinette Dress

This hot pink dress is elegant with the floral patterns and lace detailing. The puffy skirt would not look out of place at one of Marie Antoinette’s own legendary parties. This dress is undoubtedly similar to Marie Antoinette’s style and it will look great paired with a Marie Antoinette styled wig.

Marie Antoinette Cosplay

A satin-look dress that looks elegant and extravagant. The puffy sleeves and the lace look like a signature Marie Antoinette dress that is bound to be the centre of attention, just like the last Queen of France herself.

Marie Antoinette Dress

This is a classic gown that mimics the Marie Antoinette style well. The detailing on this dress is beautiful and Marie Antoinette herself would approve of it. Just add a Marie Antoinette wig and makeup and you can attend one of Marie Antoinette’s parties herself. 

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