Long Green Wig

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The green-eyed monster is a well-known metaphor for jealousy and envy, and for good reason! The color green is a deep, varied, and stunning shade that often provokes jealousy whenever it’s being worn or used because of how beautiful it looks on everyone! There are plenty of reasons you might find yourself needing to wear a green wig, including cosplay, Halloween, or even just for fun! Green is a versatile and exciting color that you can use time and time again and makes any skin or eye color stand out. Just ask celebrities like Kylie Jenner, someone who’s been known to rock green and neon green hair over the years in many styles. From fashion to costume, a long green wig is the perfect addition to your closet and provides a number of stunning options when it comes to styling and wearing your wig. Read on for our favorite wig selections and choices that will truly bring out someone else’s green-eyed monster!

Green with Envy – The Perfect Long Green Wigs for Any Occasion

Wavy and Ombre

This stunning 28-inch wig summons up ideas of a green, bottomless lake that absolutely glimmers in the sunlight. With stunning waves and several different shades of green effortlessly blended into the wig, it’s the perfect fit for any adventurous soul looking to start wearing green hair. It’d also be a good choice for anyone looking to cosplay Harajuku style characters and matches that world’s hairstyles perfectly. Easily styled, washed, and stored, this wig is the perfect investment for any wig lover!

long green wig

Curly and Bright

This stunning neon beauty is a game-changer when it comes to colorful and creative hair. Similar to our Wavy and Ombre recommendation, this wig offers styles in the other direction by adding slightly more wave and a brighter color to the wig for an overall fresher look. Healthy, shiny wig fibers are easily styled, and the wig comes with a wig cap and hair net to help you style it efficiently. Fall in love with this beautiful green look today!

long green wig

Mint Green Madness

This fresh green look offers a certain charm and modernity that is truly appealing to all kinds of wig wearers. A fashionable look that pops with any outfit or dress, celebrities all over have been seen rocking the mint green look from time to time. This colorful pastel will surely dazzle anyone who sees it and provide a sweet and endearing look that you’re sure to fall in love with.

long green wigs

Bright Bright Green

This look truly dives into the neon green wildness while offering a refreshing style for any costume or look. Bright, styled, and easily washed and stored, this wig is a phenomenal investment for any character and cosplay aficionado. It’s a little on the short end, but that also makes it lighter, which might be easier for some people who don’t want a heavy head full of a green wig.

bright green wig

Forest Green

This thick forest green is a deep jade color that would be stunning on darker complexions. Offering a beautiful rich jewel background, the luscious waves are compatible with heat styling, meaning you can shape them however you want for a versatile wig that will last you many years and can multitask on many occasions. A little shampoo and a good wig combing are all this rich green hair needs to maintain its luster and shine for a long time.

forest green long wig

Seriously Long Pine Green

This is one of the longest wigs on the market, but it’s an absolute showstopper that will draw the attention of anyone in the room. This 40 inch long wig features a rich pine green color that draws the light to it and reflects and shines in an absolutely jaw-dropping way. Wearing this wig is a definite act of patience, as you’ll have to be careful not to sit on it or get it caught when you’re moving around, but it’s the perfect cosplay addition and could also easily be trimmed or styled however you want it.

pine green long wig

Neon and Long

For those looking for a longer neon green wig, this brand offers the perfect addition to your costume or fashion wardrobe. This long neon wig pops, glittering under the light in a fluorescent green shade that accessorizes well with any funky anime or cosplay costume. Fashionable, versatile, and easy to care for, this neon wig is the perfect fit for any cosplayer or anyone up for a celebrity look!

neon long green wig

Green remains one of the best and brightest colors on the market, and it can offer a ton of different style and cosplay options for any time of year. If you’re interested in learning more about wigs for cosplaying other characters, especially green ones, check out our article on Beetlejuice wigs here!

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