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If you are looking for the best Kirishima wig, then then look no further, this article is for you. Firstly, here is an introduction to the character from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series, which has been on since 2016. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who is born without powers in a world in which the ability to have superpowers is ever increasing. Izuku dreams of becoming a hero still, and eventually his potential is recognised by the most popular hero in Japan. The hero gives him his own super powers and helps him to get into U.A. High school for heroes. Here he learns to become a hero with his friends, where the school teaches them how to fight against the villains.

Who is Eijiro Kirishima?

Eijiro Kirishima is a 16 year old who attends the U.A. hero school, training to become a ‘pro hero’. He is quite an outgoing character who praises bravery and nobility, often becoming friends with those who showcase it and calling out those who act cowardly and selfishly. Eijiro himself is a selfless and brave character who is kind hearted. His respectful and encouraging attitude as well as his loyalty makes it easy for him to make friends. Due to his passion for saving people, Eijiro frequently blames himself when things don’t go to plan. Therefore because of this, he works hard to be the best that he can be in order to protect and serve people. He doesn’t think very highly of his own quirk, frequently putting it down. Eijiro’s ability is that he can harden himself, allowing himself to take hits and bullets for his teammates, acting as a human shield. His skin can become hard and rock-like, he can shield attacks and become extra strong when he does this. 

Kirishima Cosplay

Eijiro Kirishima’s hero costume consists of two red, gear shaped shoulder pads, a jagged sash, a thick black and red belt that has a large red ‘R’ in the centre of the belt. The ‘R’ stands for Eijiro’s hero name, ‘Red Riot’. His trousers are black and baggy and he has a sort of half red cape from his waist down. On his feet he wears chunky, red-brown boots. He also has a mask that resembles a jagged face mask, leaving a strip across his eyes and on across his mouth. His hair is jagged and red. Later on in the show, his costume is adapted to have long black sleeves in order to prevent civilians from being harmed by his abilities, or ‘quirk’ as they are called in My Hero Academia

Kirishima Wig

Kirishima Wig

A high quality, synthetic wig that prevents any irritation. There is an adjustable cap with two adjustable straps and hooks, making it suitable for most people. The wig is made from breathable material and features Eijiro Kirishima’s iconic red spiky hair. 

Kirishima wig

This wig is also made from heat resistant synthetic fibre, meaning that it will offer minimal irritation when you rock it as part of your cosplay. Synthetic fibre is also incredibly easy to maintain, only requiring you to maintain it regularly, and wash it every now and again (after every 25 wears roughly) with mild shampoo and cold water. There is an elastic adjustable cap meaning that the wig will fit most people. The red spikes look soft and easy enough to style.

Fluffy Red Cosplay Wig

Red Cosplay Wig

This wig is not strictly an Eijiro Kirishima wig, although the length, colour, and style have the potential to be perfectly shaped in order to represent the iconic spiky red hairstyle of Eijiro. There is a free wig cap that will make sure that the wig sits neatly in place for as long as you need it to. The wig is made from synthetic heat resistant material so as not to irritate you while cosplaying. The wig can be adjusted to fit people with a 20-23.2 inch head girth. 

Voluminous and Spiky Kirishima Wig

Spiky Kirishima wig

This voluminous wig looks soft and high quality, again it is not strictly a Eijiro Kirishima wig but it can be styled in order to look great as part of your Eijiro cosplay. The length and colour are perfectly suited to the My Hero Academia character. It is a synthetic heat resistant wig, so it can be comfortably worn without any irritation. The wig cap provided will make sure your wig stays in place while you wear it, and it will fit most people. 

Kirishima Cosplay Costume

Looking for the rest of your cosplay costume? Why not take a look at some of these:

Kirishima Costume

Kirishima Costume

This Eijiro Kirishima costume features all of the iconic parts of Eijiro’s hero costume. Pair it with a wig above and your good to go. You may even search for some boots to add to it.

Kirishima Hoodie

Kirishima hoodie

For something a little bit different, why not take a look at this Eijiro Kirishima inspired hoodie. The hoodie features the gears featured on Eijiro’s hero costume, as well as the sash across the body. The ‘R’ takes centre stage on the hoodie and represents the hero in an iconic fashion. This hoodie is a great option for lounging, but it will also look great paired with an Eijiro wig.

Kirishima Boots

Kirishima Boots

For wearing with the Eijiro costume that we mentioned earlier, these boots will make an awesome addition. They are made from PU leather by a professional tailor, and they compare well to Eijiro’s signature boots with the rings around them. 

Why not dress up as some of your other favourite characters from My Hero Academia such as Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, or check out our article on Shoto Todoroki wigs and Kim Possible Wig.

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