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In today’s world, it can seem like you are constantly being inundated with information about the latest and greatest products. This can be a frustrating experience, one where you always seem to be spending your money to keep up with the latest trends while never really feeling satisfied. If this is something you can relate to, perhaps you’ve considered jumping ship to join the increasing number of people moving toward a more minimalist lifestyle. Enjoy our introduction to minimalist hair care.

PINK. Solid Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair - Sulfate and Paraben Free, Chemical Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Zero Waste and 100% Compostable
PINK. Solid Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair - Sulfate and Paraben Free, Chemical Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Zero Waste and 100% Compostable
Price not available
PINK. Solid Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair - Sulfate and Paraben Free, Chemical Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Zero Waste and 100% Compostable
PINK. Solid Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair - Sulfate and Paraben Free, Chemical Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Zero Waste and 100% Compostable
Price not available

An easy way to dip your toes into the waters of minimalism is to pick one area of your daily life to start with. Your hair care routine is a great choice, and one that can not only reduce clutter, but also save you time and money while leaving you with healthier hair than before.

Introduction to Minimalist Hair Care – Assess what you Have

Before you raid your bathroom and start tossing out every other product you find, pause and consider which items you use the most often and which ones your hair really benefits from. You may find that, upon further consideration, several of the products in your hair care routine don’t deliver results as promised, or that you actually only reach for them every couple of months. 

Once you take stock of your current situation , you will have a clearer picture of what products are at the core of your personal hair care routine and you’ll be ready to add and subtract items from your routine as needed.

Declutter for your Minimalist Hair Care Routine

Now that you know what does and what doesn’t work for you, don’t just throw out your extra products. If you feel that the product in question still works for you, but perhaps isn’t something that you’ll repurchase, use up the rest of it and simply don’t buy it again. If you don’t want to continue using it, consider giving the product to a family member or friend so that it doesn’t go to waste. 

If neither of the above options apply in your situation, ensure that you properly clean out the container and follow the appropriate directions for recycling so your journey toward minimalism doesn’t contribute to the problem of plastic waste. 

Choose new products (if necessary!)

Now that you’ve gotten rid of any extra products you may have had lying around, it’s time to make sure that your routine isn’t missing anything. Just because you’re following a minimalist hair care routine doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standard of self-care. After all, these changes are in part meant to help improve the health of your hair.

Minimalist Hair care pink shampoo bar

First, check out your shampoo and conditioner. For many individuals, these two products will be the most important in a minimalist routine. While the traditional bottled varieties typically work just fine, shampoo and conditioner bars can be a perfect alternative to keep this part of routine quick, easy, and not wasteful. SOLIDU has a variety of options for both shampoo and conditioner bars, such as their PINK shampoo bar that is suitable for all hair types. If you’re looking to further simplify cleansing your hair, consider co-washing. A co-wash is essentially a combination of shampoo and conditioner, and is a particularly good option if you’re someone with curly or coily hair that can go longer in between washes. And although you might initially cringe at the thought of it, a quality 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner could be a worthwhile option as well.

Cleansing and moisturizing your hair is the most basic and essential part of any hair care routine. While additional products may in some cases make your hair easier to manage, you might also find that sticking to the basics and washing your hair less frequently will give you stronger, less frizzy, and healthier hair.

Hex Pink shampoo bar
Hex Pink Shampoo Bar

With this being said, two of the top additional product choices to include in a minimalist hair routine are a quality hair oil or leave in conditioner and dry shampoo. The former can help smooth frizzy or unruly hair, and the latter can be invaluable to allowing your hairstyles to last longer- meaning less upkeep for you!

Minimalist Hair Care – A Final Word

Reducing the clutter in our daily routines in favor of more minimalist choices is something that we can all benefit from. The products that you choose to buy, use, and repurchase for something as commonplace as your hair care can be a great starting point for this, and these choices can also help you save money and leave you with stronger, healthier hair. 

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