Wearing a Wig

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Wearing a wig can seem like a big deal but wearing it correctly is one way to make you look good and feel good. There are certain ways to wear your wig in order for you to get the most from it but you also have to consider the products that you use and the way in which you care for it. There are many different wigs available but they all work in the same way. So, what do you need to know about how to wear a wig?

Wearing a Wig – Products

Wigs are made of synthetic or human hair which means you need to use the correct products in order for you to wear it in a way that looks good. If you wig is made of synthetic materials then you need to consider shampoos and conditioners that are made for synthetic wigs. The same can be said for products for wigs made of real hair. Synthetic hair works differently to real hair and so, using a product designed from real hair will cause a build-up which will reduce the life-span of the hair.

Brushing your Wig

The main thing to know is that you should never brush your wig when it is wet. This is because it can result in the wig stretching which can then lead to permanent damage. It is also recommended that you do not use a regular comb because these are designed for real hair. Wigs are extremely delicate, in particular synthetic wigs as you can stress out the fibres. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the correct brush for your wig.

Dealing with Heat

When it comes to styling wigs that use real hair, there is no need to worry about causing damage with styling tools such as straighteners and curling tongs. However, this does not mean you can go charging straight in armed with your favourite styling tool because it is advised that you protect the hair with a heat protectant. If you have a synthetic wig then you should subject it to heat as this will weaken the fibres and could cause the hair to melt.

When the time Comes to Sleep

If you sleep with your wig on then you should consider using a silk pillowcase. This can prevent friction and stop the wig from becoming tangled. If a silk pillowcase is not possible, you could consider wrapping the hair in a silk scarf. When you get up in the morning, gently brush out the tangles so you prevent the wig from matting.

Wearing a Wig Cap

Wearing a wig cap can keep your own hair out of the way and also help you to wear a wig more comfortably.

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