Best Blue Wigs

best blue wigs

Whether you want a custom styled wig or hop onto the character of Dawn from Pokémon or Bulma from dragon ball Z, you’d be thrilled to opt for some of the best wearable wigs that come off in cute and warm colors with great synthetic material. It creates a whole new dimension of style and … Read more

What is the Best Wig Tape?

best wig tape

Wig tapes are silicone made double-sided clear patches, waterproof, skin-friendly, and lasts for almost six weeks, it will surely hold the wig seamlessly in your scalp for an extended period. Since wig tapes don’t harm the scalp, it’s a much better option than glue. Today we are on a quest to find the best wig … Read more

5 Best Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Wigs and Props

5 Best Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Wigs and Props

Cosplay culture is perhaps one of the most passionate communities around. The joy of dressing up as your favorite character and mingling with other people who share the same love for a particular show or character can be quite the experience. We’re here today to bring to you the best Tokyo Ghoul cosplay wigs and costumes. … Read more

Lady Gaga Wigs

lady gaga wigs

How are you today and what wigs are you wearing?! Today’s blog is all about the best Lady Gaga wigs that you can buy online. Who is Lady Gaga and What Kind of Wigs does She Love? Lady Gaga is an American music superstar and talented actress who has won multiple awards including 11 Grammys … Read more

Best Cosplay Wigs

best cosplay wigs

I totally love Cosplay, whether it’s for special events such as Cosplay birthday parties or Conventions such as Comic Con I love to dress up! Today I’m here to introduce you to the best Cosplay wigs that you can buy online. The Best Cosplay Wigs you can buy Online HUA MIAN LI Wig for Party … Read more

Kylie Jenner Wigs

kylie jenner wigs

Who doesn’t want to sway like a celebrity? One easy way out is putting on spiffy wigs. Talking about wigs, undeniably, brings the name of the beauty mogul Kylie Jenner to mind! Kylie Jenner is said to be one of the most influential reasons why wigs have become so popular today. If you are not much … Read more

Wig Brushes

wig brushes

If you’ve watched Schitt’s Creek, then you know how much Moira Rose loves her wigs. And over the series, you must have learnt a thing or two on how to take care of your wigs. You must always brush them! So today’s article is all about the best wig brushes that you can buy online. … Read more

Minimalist Hair Care: An Introduction

Minimalist Hair Care

In today’s world, it can seem like you are constantly being inundated with information about the latest and greatest products. This can be a frustrating experience, one where you always seem to be spending your money to keep up with the latest trends while never really feeling satisfied. If this is something you can relate … Read more

Brushing a Wig

brushing a wig

You might think that wigs are immune to tangling messes, but the reality might often turn out to be the opposite! Just as you have to brush your natural hair, you are required to take care of your wigs too. As wigs can be made out of animal or human hair, synthetic wigs are also … Read more