Best Blue Cosplay Wigs on Amazon

Best Blue Cosplay Wigs on Amazon

Whether for fun, art, or just to steal the show, blue cosplay wigs are up to the task. They look pretty good on just about anyone. But don’t get tangled in the thick of hairs trying to figure out just the perfect one. There’re a few tricks you should know to help you with that … Read more

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review

The Clinique high impact lipstick is a make up bag must. I have had several of these high impact lipsticks in different shades over the last couple of years, and highly recommend them. Clinique High Impact This lipstick comes in a beautiful silver lipstick tube that is ridged. The case is really attractive and hard … Read more

Do I need a Wig Cap?

Do I need a wig cap?

There is no hard or fast rule that dictates whether you should or should not wear a wig cap. If you are wearing a wig regularly then naturally, you will want it to feel comfortable on your head but also look natural. This is where a wig cap can really make a difference. The Benefits … Read more

How to use Velcro Hair Rollers

How to use Velcro hair rollers

I used to always straighten my hair my straighteners. But I had been styling my hair this way for some time, and a bit more volume and curl is in fashion these days. I thought it was time to give my hair a bit of a bounce, so I tried having my hair styled with … Read more

Wearing a Wig

Wearing a wig

Wearing a wig can seem like a big deal but wearing it correctly is one way to make you look good and feel good. There are certain ways to wear your wig in order for you to get the most from it but you also have to consider the products that you use and the … Read more